Jenelle Evans has had a rough couple of months. Her husband, David Eason thought it would be a good idea to jump on social media. He created a Twitter account and after only a few days, he caused enough drama to manage to get himself fired from “Teen Mom 2.” The upcoming season is still filming, but that didn't stop MTV from dropping him. Evans was caught in the middle. Initially, it was believed that she would be fired alongside her husband, but now, it looks like that wasn't the case.

Filming for 'Teen Mom 2'

There have been conflicting reports about Jenelle Evans and her status with filming the show.

She was supposed to have a meeting with the executives several weeks ago when this all transpired. Nothing was confirmed to the press, but several media outlets wrote about Evans. The consensus was that Jenelle would not continue to film with MTV because David Eason couldn't be a part of it. How would you film her life without including her daughter or husband?

As it turns out, Jenelle Evans confirmed she is filming once again for “Teen Mom 2.” The reality star tweeted about filming all day as she shaded The Ashley for writing false statements about her life. This is plausible because Evans has two other children to film with and both seem to want to be filmed. The new season is reportedly starting soon as “Teen Mom OG” is about to end the season.

With all of the drama that went down while they were filming, the ratings for this season could be higher than they have seen in recent years.

What about David and Ensley?

The deal between Jenelle Evans and MTV is unclear.

David Eason will not be filmed, but Ensley's status has not been confirmed. There has been a lot of talk about Eason being controlling over Evans so it is shocking to some that she is even filming at all anymore. If the cash flow stops though, that could be an issue. As of now, David appears to be unemployed. That could have changed since MTV fired him, especially if he wanted to prove the haters wrong.

Evans has been quiet on social media for the most part. After what happened to her husband, she isn't trying to anger anyone or lose her job with “Teen Mom 2.”

It'll be a few more weeks before “Teen Mom 2” returns. There were scenes filmed prior to David Eason losing his cool on Twitter, but it is unknown whether or not MTV will still air them. Jenelle Evans is trying to save her paycheck by continuing to film, and viewers are waiting to see how that turns out.