Just last week, "Teen Mom OG" fans were buzzing about all of the Ryan Edwards drama. Maci Bookout's ex managed to get arrested, get caught cheating, and announce that his wife was pregnant all within a few days' time. What we didn't know at the time was that Maci filed for an order of protection against Ryan Edwards days before all of the other drama broke. The paperwork was filed on March 23, Edwards was arrested on March 27.

Maci's day in court

On Monday, April 2, Maci Bookout was due in court to see if she could turn her temporary Protection Order into a permanent one.

If granted, Ryan Edwards would be banned from going near Maci, her house or her workplace. It would also keep Ryan away from Taylor McKinney and all three children.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Maci accused Ryan of threatening to hurt her when he was high on heroin. She also claims that he's threatened to just show up and take off with their son Bentley.

Maci also made it clear that she didn't want Bentley going alone with Ryan because she has evidence that he drives while under the influence. This is something "Teen Mom OG" fans already know, as Ryan was filmed driving while he was reportedly under the influence and the stunt landed him a stint in rehab for his heroin addiction already.

The decision

Knowing that Maci Bookout was headed to court to keep Ryan Edwards away, many "Teen Mom OG" fans have been paying attention all day, waiting to sear how the court ruled. Well, the decision is in and Maci won for now.

Radar Online reported that the temporary order of protection will remain in place for now. Whether or not it will become permanent, keeping Ryan away from Maci and Bentley, is still up in the air.

Maci reportedly has to return to court on May 21. At that point, a judge will decide whether or not to make the order of protection permanent or not.

In the paperwork submitted to the court, Maci claimed that Ryan had previously shown up at their son's baseball game and threatened to hurt her. He also has made phone calls threatening her and also threatening to take their son.

While some of the examples that she gave were from last year, Maci also said that lately, Ryan's behavior has begun to worsen, making her fear for her safety and the safety of her family and even her pets.

While there's still no final decision on whether or not Ryan Edwards will be banned from contacting Maci Bookout or her family, for now, he legally must stay away. It's unclear if "Teen Mom OG" cameras were in on the court action but it's safe to say that the latest drama between Maci and Ryan will make its way on to MTV screens for the next season of the show.