Maci Bookout shocked "Teen Mom OG" fans last week after filing a protection order against the father of her 9-year-old son, Bentley, Ryan Edwards. Reality TV fans are well aware that Ryan Edwards' life has come crashing down around him in the past week. Things began on what was supposed to be a happy note for Edwards and wife Mackenzie Standifer after they announced last Monday that they were expecting their first child together.

Maci Bookout moves to keep her family safe from Ryan Edwards

Hours later Ryan Edwards was arrested at his Tennessee home on heroin-related charges.

Things have been very chaotic ever since. Following the news of Edwards' arrest it was also revealed that Ryan had rejoined the dating site Tinder since his marriage to Standifer and three women so far have come forward -- revealing that Edwards had contacted them to "hook up" for sex.

Ryan Edwards' world is falling apart

That is a lot to deal with for a young wife and expectant mother, however, the troubles have continued to escalate for Edwards. As previously reported, Ryan's ex and mother to 9-year-old son Bentley, Maci Bookout filed a protection order against him. Bookout's entire family has been listed in the PO terms. However, the Hamilton County courts postponed the Monday, April 2 court date until May 21 at 1:30 p.m.

The temporary protection order will stay in place until they face the judge.

Details have since emerged as to the reasoning behind Maci Bookout's decision to file. Maci claimed in her protection order paperwork that Maci is terrified of Ryan Edwards and the dangerous and frightening behavior he has been displaying. Maci claims Ryan has been calling her phone and making threats to harm her.

He has even gone as far as to tell Maci that he will just show up at her house and take Bentley.

Bookout even revealed that last May during one of Bentley's baseball games that Edwards showed up stoned out of his mind on heroin and caused a huge scene -- getting in her face, screaming and threatening to hurt her. Maci claims that things with Ryan have gotten worse and she has had it.

She is not willing to risk Ryan going off the deep end and doing something to harm anyone in her family.

The restraining order was served to Ryan just three days before his arrest. Edwards' wife Mackenzie, who in the beginning stood up for Ryan, appears to have also had enough of the Ryan Edwards drama for now and reportedly left Ryan behind in Tennessee and took off on a flight alone to New York.

It is speculated that Edwards will most likely be returning to rehab very soon. As for his son Bentley, it will take a lot of change and trust being earned back before Maci is going to budge on visitation.

As for his marriage to Mackenzie Standifer, who knows? This could be the end of his relationship with Mack, or she could be smooth-talked by Ryan into believing he is a changed man...again. Can you blame Maci Bookout for filing a protection order against Ryan Edwards? Do you believe his marriage to Mackenzie may be over?