Could Amber Portwood be engaged to her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon? Earlier this year, months after the couple first announced they were expecting a child together, Portwood debuted what appeared to be an engagement ring on Instagram. However, during a new interview, the "Teen Mom OG" star said that she and Glennon, who have been dating for about nine months, are in no rush to get married.

"We're not talking about that," she said during an interview with E! News on April 3. According to Portwood, she and Glennon are enjoying living together right now and seeing where their future takes them.

Admittedly, Portwood and Glennon jumped the gun by conceiving a child just weeks into their relationship last summer.

While Amber Portwood said she and Andrew Glennon don't have any plans to walk down the aisle quite yet, that doesn't mean the topic hasn't surfaced from time to time. In fact, Portwood said that Glennon frequently drops hints about their future.

Amber Portwood's due date is in less than one month

Portwood revealed that she is due to give birth to a son, who she's already named James Andrew Glennon, on May 13. Portwood is also mom to nine-year-old Leah Shirley, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Gary Shirley. Portwood first revealed her pregnancy during an episode of "Teen Mom OG" season seven that was filmed last September.

Portwood's pregnancy was confirmed just weeks after she and Glennon publicly confirmed their romance on Instagram.

"I'm eight months pregnant, so I'm really tired right now," Amber Portwood told E! News of her pregnancy. That said, there is plenty to do and as Portwood nears her due date, she and Glennon have been getting their Indiana home ready for James' arrival.

As she revealed, they've gotten new carpet, new floors, and plenty other things.

Amber and Andrew will return to the west coast in June

Just one month after Portwood gives birth to her second child, she and her boyfriend will pack up their belongings and head back to the west coast, where Glennon will be producing a show. Last year, Portwood and Glennon first met when he was working behind the scenes on "marriage boot camp: Reality Stars Family Edition."

To see more of Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon, tune into new episodes of the seventh season of "Teen Mom OG" on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV. Portwood is also featured on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition" every Friday at 9 p.m. on WEtv.