Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer revealed they were expecting a child together last night on “Teen Mom OG.” The secret was confirmed last week after the previews showed her waving around a positive pregnancy test. Edwards has struggled with a heroin addiction and has not yet completed one year of sobriety. Fans have commented on his appearance in several of the more recent episodes, but Standifer maintains everything is fine with Ryan Edwards.

Heroin-related arrest

Last week, Ryan Edwards was arrested at his home on a heroin-related charge. He reportedly broke probation and a warrant was issued.

This was the day after Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer confirmed they were expecting. She attempted to do damage control by speaking out about how it was just part of the process, and they had already known that he would be taken into custody and booked. While she appeared to be calm, there were more things coming.

On top of the arrest, Ryan Edwards has also reportedly been seeking women on the popular dating app, Tinder. This was after he already knew Mackenzie Standifer was expecting their first child. While she has not made a public statement about the latest Tinder news, she did jet off to New York shortly after the news broke. “Teen Mom OG” fans believe she may be trying to teach him a lesson, but there is always the possibility she was filming something for MTV.

Ryan insults Mackenzie over pregnancy

When “Teen Mom OG” aired the pregnancy conversation between Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer, fans were blown away by his attitude. She had prefaced the talk with how excited he was about their new baby, and instead, he acted ridiculously. Edwards actually complained about starting over and then told her to call him when “he” was three.

She wasn't thrilled with his remarks, but she didn't walk away either. In fact, this conversation was filmed earlier this year because they announced their pregnancy to the rest of the cast at the reunion taping at the beginning of March.

Mackenzie Standifer is in for a wild ride with Ryan Edwards. She is now carrying his child, and everything he has done is trickling out.

Currently, Maci Bookout has a temporary order of protection against Edwards that is in place through May. This is a big deal, especially because she has included the son they share in the paperwork. Standifer has been there for her husband, but bailing on him may be her only shot at a stable life.