shannon beador is a winning and she wants to make sure that David Beador "eats his words." After 17 years of marriage to David Beador, the "Real Housewives of Orange County" star finally left their messy marriage and started taking her life back. Now, she wants to make sure David regrets every awful thing he ever said to her so she's finally getting in shape.

Blasting News recently reported on text messages that wereallegedly sent to Shannon from David. While appearing on Jeff Lewis' Sirius XM radio show, a handful of really nasty text messages were read aloud, on-air.

They were reportedly from David and in them, he tore Shannon to shreds with insults about being fat and lazy.

Shannon was clearly embarrassed but assured Jeff that David hadn't sent her anything nasty in months. That hasn't stopped the backlash against the former "RHOC" husband in the wake of the revealed text messages.

Shannon's revenge

An insider is speaking up about Shannon and David Beador's marriage. They told Radar Online that David “constantly fat-shamed her on and off-air. Now, she is determined to make him eat his words!”

Considering the shocking text messages on top of what we've seen on "Real Housewives of Orange County" and it's not really that surprising. What also doesn't shock anyone is Shannon's willingness to lose weight and get in shape.

A slimmer body may make her look and feel better but her motivation is to make David regret the things that he said.

"Things will probably never be good between them again," a source told Radar. "But one thing is for damn sure and that is that Shannon is working her a** off to be the best that she’s ever been, both physically and mentally.”

The divorce settlement

News of David Beador's alleged texts comes on the heels of their temporary divorce settlement.

It's clear that Shannon doesn't want to battle it out with David publicly after she won so much already.

In March, Shannon was awarded joint legal and physical custody of the three daughters she shares with David. On top of that, she will receive $22,500 a month in spousal and child support from David.

After the ruling, People reported that David Beador was so mad that he was shaking.

He reportedly confronted Shannon in the hallway outside the courtroom and told her that this money grab was going to bankrupt his company.

In a statement about the temporary agreement, Shannon Beador claimed she was trying to be "as fair as possible." So far, David Beador has not made an official comment on the temporary child and spousal support order. He also did not respond to requests for a statement about the text messages read on Jeff Lews' radio show either.