Mackenzie Standifer is busy doing damage control. Yesterday, news broke that her husband, Ryan Edwards, was arrested on a heroin-related charge at his home. This is a big deal because just last year, he spent time in a Texas-based rehabilitation center. Standifer is maintaining that it was all standard procedure, but “Teen Mom OG” fans fear there is more going on. Edwards could easily be back on drugs, especially after some of the scenes that have aired lately.

Baby news

On Monday night's episode of “Teen Mom OG,” the previews for next week showed Mackenzie Standifer making a big deal about a pregnancy test.

Of course, the news was then confirmed by the couple. Standifer and Ryan Edwards are expecting their first child together. While they haven't revealed a due date, it is being said that she due around the same time as “Teen Mom 2” star, Chelsea Houska. Standifer and Edwards announced their news when the “Teen Mom OG” reunion was taped earlier this month. They are said to be over the moon about the new addition.

While Mackenzie Standifer should be elated about her pregnancy, she is busy getting lots of comments about Ryan Edwards' most recent stunts. His arrest overshadowed the baby news, and now, things are trickling out. It is being said that he was caught on Tinder looking for women now that Standifer is pregnant.

Of course, all of this isn't shocking to some “Teen Mom OG” viewers who are quick to point out they warned Mackenzie.

Mackenzie claps back

After news of Ryan Edwards' arrest broke, everyone had something to say. This included another “Teen Mom” franchise star as well. Kailyn Lowry talked about her opinions on Twitter, insinuating that Mackenzie Standifer used Edwards because of his addiction and got pregnant in order to secure some of his MTV money.

As you can imagine, that did not go over well. According to Radar Online, Mackenzie Standifer called out Lowry for her multiple baby daddies. She emphasized the fact that she had children by three different men, something Kailyn gets thrown her way a lot. Standifer didn't want to offer any insight into Ryan's issues, but she did say he passed a drug test this week.

The announcement of the baby on the way will be on Monday's episode of “Teen Mom OG.” Mackenzie Standifer is excited about the news and she isn't going to let anyone take that away from her. Despite Ryan Edwards' issues, she isn't ready to dog him just yet, she is standing by her man.