Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Kim Zolciak Biermann liberated her beliefs about racism from her filler-plumped lips on the third part of the Season 10 reunion hosted by Andy Cohen.

Kim’s remarks denying the existence of racism have evoked disgust and provoked fans to launch a petition asking Bravo TV to kill her reality show “Tardy For The Party.”

The call for the network to cancel Kim’s show did not result from a single remark, but a continuum of comments that struck many fans as racially-biased – and from a woman who, it seems, would not know racism if it bit her in the butt.

She came across as oblivious to her own words and their impact as they fell from her mouth.

Reality star aware of audience and scrutiny

Granted, Kim was shaken after being on-stage with her now-former “RHOAco-stars when she rallied Andy for a bathroom talk. At the same time, however, she is not a child but an adult who has been on reality shows for several seasons. She was aware that the audience would examine her words in context with how she chooses to articulate her thoughts and views.

The upside to the reality star allowing the free flow of her thoughts is that her words made her beliefs far more tangible than if they remained contained within her mind. While it was already known that Kim would not be returning to the “RHOA” for another season, what was not prevalent was her stance toward racism, believing that it would not exist if not for social media.

One of the remarks that Kim relayed has been widely disseminated, now, thanks largely to media that Kim believes is the culprit for racism. Fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have not shied from citing her understanding. She stated matter-of-factly, “Racism wasn’t all that real.

Bravo star is no victim of social media

Exactly who did she think she was speaking with: Andy Cohen or former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke?

Of course, Andy is far more enlightened than to fall for her failed attempt at having it appear that she is the victim of evil social media platforms.

While Kim relieved herself of the anguish she felt as a result of her own role in creating drama during past seasons of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” it was evident to fans that there was no stopping her verbal diarrhea from flying in the restroom where she spoke before Andy, her co-star Sheree Whitfield and her husband, Kroy Biermann.

Essence, People, and additional reporting resources, along with social media are to Kim Zolciak what In Touch Weekly has been to Josh Duggar (who molested relatives when he was younger). The media outlets put words and actions into sharper focus and lend perspective.

Earlier racial overtones spotlight continuum in biased stance

Kim may want to forget that she previously alleged that co-star NeNe Leakes’ home was nested with roaches, as People noted. Fans remember, though.

In addition to the racial-bias conveyed by Kim’s assessment is that fact that there are many who dispute the claim made by Kim.

Some say it was a beetle, a wasp, or some type of ant, but it was not even a roach that her daughter Brielle videotaped – a copy of which is still accessible on the internet. Additionally, fans and not even sure how the “thing” (whether an insect or a pest) made its way into the area where Brielle captured it on tape.

The implication of what she circulated about the tape online was beyond Kim’s grasp. Her former cast members made it perfectly clear for her and told her during the April 22 reunion broadcast that her commentary about “roach-nest” carries the connotation of “impoverished black women living in the projects,” People reported.

NeNe, as it stands, is far from the projects and nowhere near impoverish or morally bankrupt.

Still, Kim was insistent on slighting what she was hearing firsthand from her co-stars.

Star's husband intimates on social media that editing took a toll on bathroom talk

Though her husband does not appear to have been active on Twitter, in respect to posting on his account, since January 21, Kroy sure tweeted following the reunion show, indicating that the entirety of Kim’s diatribe and any back-and-forth “conversation” was cut or omitted.

Regardless of what anyone else in that bathroom may have said, there is no excuse for the ignorance that came out of his wife’s mouth.

There is now a petition hosted on that is calling on Bravo TV to ice “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party.” The petition states, in part, that Bravo should sever its ties with Kim “and everything she stands for.”

If fans have their way, Kim will need to find another way to support her children since her bias doesn’t cut it with potential program viewers.