The latest "General Hospital" spoilers for the week ahead indicate that there will be more drama as the Sam, Jason, and Drew love triangle unfolds. In addition, viewers will continue to watch as Anna comes to grips with the shocking discovery that she and Robert have made regarding Valentin. Will Sam choose Drew again and will Anna forgive and forget with Valentin, or make him pay? Here are the latest spoilers of what's to come in Port Charles for the week of April 30th.

Sam, Jason, and Drew

The Soap Hub website revealed some "GH" spoilers for what fans can expect to see on "General Hospital" beginning on Monday.

As viewers recently saw, Sam bumped into Drew at the Aurora offices and she knows that the CEO of Aurora (Peter) has some secrets he's been keeping. Drew has yet to learn of this. Meanwhile, Drew is prepared for Sam to let him know she's made a decision to be with Jason Morgan as the love of her life. That may not happen, though, as Sam mentioned to Maxie last week that she's "independent" right now.

Sam is going to arrive at a decision that will work out for her in her current situation. This big decision hasn't been revealed yet, but there already is speculation she may resume her private investigation work so she can leave Aurora behind. This might impact her potential relationships with either Drew or Jason, for the moment, if it happens.

Anna's revelation

The return of Robert Scorpio to help out his friend, colleague, and ex-wife Anna has helped reveal more about Valentin's past and how it relates to Anna. Based on Robert's theory, Valentin was involved in handing off Anna's son to their arch-nemesis Faison. From there, her son was forced to live a horrible life with the mastermind villain.

Anna seems to accept Robert's theory, but her acting on things seems to be a different story. Robert seems surprised that Anna may be ready to simply let things go and move on.

Meanwhile, Jason Morgan is still trying to locate Anna's son to help her out but doesn't realize he's been in plain sight all along. He'll look to team up with Lulu once he discovers she may hold some information he needs that is crucial to discovering exactly who Anna's son is.

Will Jason get any closer to finding Anna's son and realizing who he has been looking for all this time?

These "General Hospital" spoilers should set the stage for what big things are to come in the lives of Sam, Drew, Jason, Peter, Valentin, and Anna. Fans will be eagerly awaiting Monday's return episode as "General Hospital" will go live on ABC and their local affiliate channels around the country.