Maci Bookout has had it with Ryan Edwards and won't take it any longer. The "Teen Mom OG' star has reportedly filed for a protective order for Ryan to stay away from her and her family. Maci Bookout is obviously very concerned when it comes to Ryan Edwards and she has every right to be. According to The Ashley, Maci and husband, Taylor McKinney are taking no chances when it comes to the family's safety.

Ryan Edwards will face jail time if he violates Maci's protection order

The report reveals that Maci and Taylor have officially filed the PO against Maci's ex- and Bentley's father Ryan.

The entire family has been listed in the PO terms.The Hamilton County courts will make their decision on Monday, April 2. The details of the report are not completely clear, and the exact date that the protection order was filed is not known, only that it has been filed in the last 15 days.

'Teen Mom OG' dad Ryan Edwards could lose everything

The protection order is strictly for Ryan at this time. Tennessee protection order laws clearly state that Ryan Edwards cannot abuse, stalk or assault those listed on the papers - Maci's entire family. He will also not be permitted to contact them in person or by phone, and he will also not be permitted to attempt to contact them through another person, (Mackenzie, Jen or Larry).

It is assumed at this time that Maci Bookout, who has stated all along that she did not believe Ryan Edwards was clean felt the need to make a move. If the PO was filed this week then it is clear that Ryan's recent heroin-related arrest and cheating scandal has a lot to do with Maci's decision.

As previously reported, Ryan Edwards' life is in complete chaos this week.

Just a day after sharing the news that he and his wife Mackenzie Standifer, were expecting their first baby together, Ryan was arrested at his home. There have also been multiple reports that Ryan was also busted cheating on the dating site Tinder. So far three women have come forward and admitted that Ryan had contacted them on the dating website.

Mackenzie Standifer has remained mostly quiet on the subject only stating after Ryan's arrest that it was from an old charge last year and that he is sober. She also spoke out after "Teen Mom 2" cast member Kailyn Lowry tweeted about Ryan's arrest and stated that Mackenzie had used Ryan's position on reality TV to secure a 'check.'

Standifer answered back calling Kail a 'b**ch' and said that she should not be talking, as this comes from a woman who gets pregnant every two seconds with three different people.

It is also unknown as to what the future holds for Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards. It is speculated that Ryan will issue an apology of sorts and then return to a rehab treatment center for help with his drug, and possibly sex addiction issues, At this time it is all in the judge's hands.

If the judge rules in favor of the protection order and Ryan attempts to break any of the terms, he could be arrested and face up to a year in jail.

Do you believe Maci Bookout made the right move in filing a protection order against Ryan Edwards?