lisa marie presley is beginning to make her musical comeback, but not as a singer. Lisa and Courtney Love are appearing in the new Marilyn Manson "Tattooed in Reverse" video. The video is so shocking that before it begins playing viewers are warned about the graphic sexual content, violence, and language they are about to see.

Marilyn Manson and Lisa Marie Presley team up

Now, this warning comes as no surprise, after all, it is a Marilyn Manson video we are talking about. Even Courtney Love's appearance doesn't shock. What is confusing, however, is Lisa Marie Presley's appearance.

As previously reported the daughter of elvis presley has had a very busy year so far, spending most of it in court battling her ex, Michael Lockwood over their divorce settlement and custody of their twin daughters, Harper and Finley.

Fans may not be happy about this

Lisa Marie Presley hasn't kept the details of the divorce case secret. She has revealed she is broke and getting over a major drug addiction to cocaine, alcohol, and prescription pain pills. So, the music video payout could go a long way in helping her pay off the $100,000 she was ordered to pay her ex. Presley fans just might find Lisa's role as an evil nurse a bit disturbing.

"Tattooed in Reverse" is the latest single from Manson's new album "Heaven Upside Down." Manson plays a patient in a hellish hospital..."Who allowed Courtney Love to be my nurse?

Oh, s***... I did," Manson joked on Twitter prior to the video's premiere.

This is not the way most fans of Elvis Presley can imagine his only daughter LMP making a living...but, when times are tough, you do what you need to do to pay the bills. Lisa Marie has always been a bit of a rebel and considered herself rock n' roll all the way.

But this rock n' roll is a far cry from what her father Elvis, the King of Rock N' Roll, would have ever imagined.

One only needs to visit the Elvis Presley Facebook pages to see just how many fans Lisa Marie really has. The Manson video is clearly letting her live out an artistic rock video fantasy, but, many fans are hoping that she gets back to her old style soon, a style that very much resembles exactly who she is...Elvis Presley's daughter.

What are your thoughts on Lisa Marie Presley's role in Marilyn Manson music video? Is this a peek into her future? Do you think this is just a way for her to pay the bills, or do you think it could foreshadow something more down the road?