lisa marie presley has been social media slammed by her 30-year-old half brother Navarone Anthony Garibaldi. The ugly family feud reveals Garibaldi has some very ill feelings towards Lisa Marie.

There is troubling brewing in the Presley family

The Facebook Group, The Conspiracy or Truth of Elvis, posted on their official page that Lisa's brother, for reasons unknown, decided to go on Instagram today saying some very ugly things about his older sister. According to the FB page, Garibaldi posted that Lisa Marie was not a nice person called her a f*****g c**t all before wishing her dead.

Priscilla Presley's son spewing a lot of family hate

The comment about wishing her dead has been deleted, but not before thousands of Lisa Marie Presley's read the hateful remarks. At this time it is not known what is happening within the family, but it is more than obvious Navarone is not happy with his sister these days.

elvis presley family news followers know that Lisa's brother was born years after Priscilla left Elvis. Priscilla and Marco Garibaldi carried on a long relationship parenting one child together, son Navarone before ending their 22-year relationship in 2006.

There is not a lot known about Lisa's half-brother, other than he fronts an alternative rock band called Them Guns and like his sister has a few battled drug issues over the years.

Speculation and rumors from Facebook group members believe there may be a case of sibling rivalry taking place. It is suggested that Navarone may be jealous of all the public interest and massive fortune surrounding his famous sister.

However, it may also have something to do with Lisa and Priscilla's rocky relationship, the mother/daughter pair may be butting heads again over Elvis' estate or Lisa's twin daughters Harper and Finley.

If this is the case, then Navarone could be siding with his mom against his sister in the family drama.

Either way, fans of LMP do not appreciate her half-brother's social media attack. It is just hoped that their family issues can be worked out soon. It is too sad to be family members engaged in such nasty and public fights.

The Presley family is not the only celebrity families to be engaged in such a feud. Over the past several months the families of Casey Kasem, Jerry Lee Lewis and most recently Glen Campbell's are all currently at odds.

What are your thoughts on Lisa Marie Presley's half brother Navarone's social media attack?