With the scandal involving Donald Trump and his reported affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels continuing to remain in the headlines, many wonder what the end game will be. For Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti, he doesn't believe Trump will be around to see the next election.

Stormy Daniels' scandal

It all began back on January when the Wall Street Journal released their bombshell story revealing that Donald Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels, a well-known performer in the adult film industry.

In addition, the paper claimed that Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid Daniels $130,000 in "hush money" to keep quiet about what took place. Fast forward to present day and Cohen is in court after the FBI raided his offices in an attempt to find more information about the alleged payout. On his first day in court, Cohen was forced to give up that his "mystery" client was Fox News host Sean Hannity, a known supporter of the president.

As the pressure mounts on Michael Cohen, many have speculated as to whether or not he would flip on Donald Trump and reveal potentially damaging information.

These issues were discussed during the April 19 edition of "Deadline: White House" on MSNBC. Joining host Nicolle Wallace on Thursday night was Michael Avenatti who predicted that Trump won't even finish his first term as president. "I don’t think the president will serve out his term," Avenatti said, before adding, "That’s how serious I think this is." Wallace chimed in, noting that "your predictions have pretty much all come true."

"Panic has began to set in, and for good reason," Michael Avenatti said in reference to the increased possibility of Michael Cohen turning on Donald Trump.

"If I was the President I’ve be very worried," he added. When asked if Stormy Daniels would be willing to settle against Trump and Cohen, Avenatti was crystal clear on where she stands. "We are not going to settle this case under any circumstances that do not involve Mr. Cohen and the president coming 100 percent clean," he said.

Moving forward

With Michael Cohen in court and Stormy Daniels and her lawyer waiting on the sidelines, Donald Trump is reportedly on edge and worried about what could be revealed. In addition to the Daniels and Cohen scandal, the commander in chief is still waiting on what Robert Mueller will do with the Russian investigation, as well as domestic and foreign policy issues creating another headache for administration.