Jenelle Evans appears to have worked out her differences with MTV's "Teen Mom 2" producers and has returned to filming the popular reality television series. For the past six weeks Jenelle Evans' future at MTV was unknown. The reality star was forced to sit back and await a decision as to whether or not she would return to "Teen Mom 2" or face termination.

Is Jenelle Evans back for good or just filming the end of the season?

As previously reported, it has been a rough time for Evans, who was facing major backlash and criticism from "Teen Mom 2" viewers who felt she should face the same fate as her husband David Eason.

David was fired from the series back in February after engaging in a nasty homophobic social media rant. Many believed that Jenelle Evans had already been fired since she had been excluded from filming.

Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards continues to face new problems everyday

However, Jenelle set fans minds at ease on Saturday, March 31 when she tweeted that she had already returned to filming, making sure that everyone knew she had not lost her spot on "Teen Mom 2."

"I filmed all day yesterday, now you know. Happy? Just pointing it out so The Ashley can stop writing false statements about me for the rest of my life. "

According to recent In Touch reports, Jenelle is thrilled to be getting back to business as usual and wanted everyone to know they could now stop with all the negative comments.

Well, this is just one "Teen Mom" problem solved. As fans of the "Teen Mom" franchise shows know, there has been major drama surrounding the "Teen Mom OG" cast member Ryan Edwards over the past week.

Arrested, caught cheating, forbidden to see his son, and newly single all in one week

Ryan Edwards started off the week by revealing to fans that he and his wife Mackenzie Standifer were expecting their first baby together.

The happy baby news was soon overshadowed by his heroin-related arrest that took place on Tuesday. Fans did not appear to be too shocked to hear the arrest news, however, Mackenzie Standifer stayed adamant that Ryan was sober, and that the arrest was related to one from April 2017.

The Tinder cheating scandal began to come into light almost immediately following Edwards' release from jail.

Three women have come forward alleging that he had contacted them via Tinder looking to hook up. Edwards stated that he is married but still likes to have some fun when a woman called him out for being on Tinder while in a relationship.

Now the women in Ryan's life are fed up with him. Maci Bookout headed to the courthouse to file a protection order against Ryan forbidding him from contacting or seeing anyone in her family, including their son Bentley. The stress of all of Ryan Edwards' troubles appears to have gotten the best of Mackenzie Standifer, who was reported to have left Edwards, Tennessee and headed to New York City without Ryan.

At this time it is not known if Mack is gone for good, or if she just needed time to process all that has gone down in a few short days.

All we know at this time is Ryan Edwards has managed to dig himself quite a hole, and fans are anxiously awaiting any and all news about how this "Teen Mom OG" drama is going to continue to unfold.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans returning to work, and how do you believe Ryan Edwards' messy life will turn out for him?