Ryan Edwards' world continues to crash down around him. The "Teen Mom OG" cast member has had quite the week -- a baby announcement, an arrest, and a cheating scandal revealed all in a matter of days. Mackenzie Standifer Edwards certainly has her work cut out for her dealing with Ryan's messes. As previously reported Ryan Edwards was arrested on heroin-related charges in Tennessee for petition to revoke stemming from a previous heroin charge.

Ryan Edwards: More rehab time coming soon?

Media reports reveal that Edwards was arrested at his home on a warrant for a probation violation.

Not only does this pose a major problem for Ryan and Mackenzie, there is also another big issue they will have to work through. It has also been revealed that Ryan Edwards was trolling the dating site Tinder just days before he and Mackenzie announced that they are expecting their first baby together.

Will Mackenzie Standifer divorce Ryan Edwards?

According to Radar Online, an unidentified woman came forward revealing that she was recently matched with the married "Teen Mom OG" cast member on the dating site. Ryan has not only been deceiving his wife and family, he also lied on his Tinder profile -- stating that he was only 25-years-old when he is actually 30.

In the text messages between Ryan and his Tinder match, it is more than obvious that Edwards was more than mildly interested in meeting up with the woman.

However, it does not end there. Two other women have since come forward, also claiming that Ryan had been messaging them also looking to "meet up."

'Teen Mom OG' drama heats up

Edwards was reportedly busted by Mackenzie according to the report, which claims that Mack called the woman demanding information. One message shared between Edwards and the woman reveals her asking why he was on Tinder when he was married.

Ryan's response was that he was married but still "liked to have a little fun." She next asked him if he was going to f*** her and he replied: "yes come on then." Ryan also sent two inappropriate pictures of his penis and asked the woman to send him a video of her pleasuring herself. Obviously, we have left out the more explicit details and cleaned it up a bit, but you get the idea.

"Teen Mom OG" fans are chomping at the bit waiting to hear just how Mackenzie Standifer is going to handle this. This has to be a tough decision for Mack, who is now pregnant, to deal with. It is also speculated that Ryan Edwards may come forward with a public Tiger Woods-like apology, blaming his many indiscretions on a relapse and a sex addiction before returning to rehab in a plea to save his marriage.

Kailyn Lowry calls it as she sees it

"Teen Mom" Cast Members have also begun to speak out with their opinions on Ryan Edwards' current drama. Jenelle Evans' husband, David Eason, commented that Ryan was worse than him. But it was Kailyn Lowry's two cents that has Mackenzie Standifer enraged.

Kail tweeted that she believed Standifer used Ryan Edwards' position on reality television to secure a paycheck.

Standifer called Kail a b****, and said that this was coming from someone who gets pregnant every two seconds by three separate people.

Fans also were quick to point out that Ryan and Mackenzie's baby will be Mack's second child with two different men. It is a hot mess in "Teen Mom" land and it doesn't look like things are going to settle down anytime soon. Think of all the drama coming to reality fans in the upcoming seasons. What are your thoughts on Ryan Edwards' cheating scandal?