Jenelle Evans has announced to her "Teen Mom 2" fans that her daughter with David Eason will not be "appearing on "Teen Mom 2" after this season.

The changes were officially announced by Jenelle Evans to her fans via her social media Twitter page. This announcement really comes as no surprise for "Teen Mom" fans, who have been keeping up with all the major drama going down between MTV, Jenelle Evans, and her husband, David Eason, since mid-February.

MTV stood firm with their zero tolerance policy when it came to David Eason's recent behavior. As previously reported, the reality TV mom and husband David Eason were bashed across social and labeled as "insensitive and inappropriate" following recent Valentine's Day gun photos.

The photos were shared following the Florida high school massacre, and their insensitivity to those affected was inexcusable according to social media followers. Eason's reactions did not end with the photos and comments. Eason took things even further, engaging in a series of homophobic tweets, resulting in his termination from MTV effective immediately.

Eason's Twitter account has since been taken down, but screenshots of the alleged tweets are still circulating on social media. It has continued to cause one issue after the next for Jenelle Evans and her future with the MTV Reality Series "Teen Mom 2."

Following Jenelle's announcement about removing Ensley from the series, fans immediately began questioning the reality star as to whether or not her older children (Jace and Kaiser) would be remaining in the series.

Many have also questioned whether Ensley's removal was a forced decision brought on by David Eason. At this time, Jenelle's future with the popular reality series also hangs in the balance.

For now, MTV has halted all filming concerning Jenelle Evans and her family until an official executive decision is made as to whether or not Jenelle Evans will remain a "Teen Mom 2" cast member.

According to sources close to the reality TV star, if Jenelle stays with "Teen Mom 2" throughout the rest of the season, it would not be a big surprise if she ended her relationship with the network before the beginning of next season.

The source claims that Jenelle is 100 percent ready to support her husband David in this matter. What are your thoughts? Is Jenelle Evans pulling Ensley a clue to her exit? What do you believe will come next for Jenelle and David's family?