Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans seems to drag drama around social media sites. Fans haven’t forgotten her troubled past. So, when Jenelle’s quick-to-react fingers took action and blocked Maci, fans responded with reminders of her past.

Maci called Jenelle out publicly for posting a meme recently. The image mocked Parkland, Florida student Emma Gonzalez. As many remember, Emma is one of the survivors following the shooting rampage committed at her high school. The shooting massacre left 17 people dead.

When fans and social media followers saw the meme Jenelle posted to her Facebook account, many were quick to point out that the image was not humorous.

Maci also made note of the meme and linked to an article written about the upset it caused online. Maci tweeted that it was not “okay.”

Jenelle okay with mocking shooting survivor but not with heroin reminder

As an effect of Maci tweeting, Jenelle made a public announcement about blocking Maci. Jenelle also stated that Maci’s response to the meme (on Jenelle’s Facebook) was “ridiculous.” Fans and followers lean toward the same view that Maci holds.

The meme inspired fans to respond, as did a photo posted by Jenelle’s husband, David Eason. Though MTV executives fired David after he tweeted a homophobic tirade, fans are also reminding Jenelle of a photo he shared on social media on Valentine’s Day.

The image was of his wife brandishing a firearm that, some say, resembled the gun allegedly used by Nikolas Cruz when he shot up a Florida high school -- also on Valentine’s Day.

Bad timing is what Jenelle called it. Maybe. However, now that Jenelle has stated that the negative attention she drew to herself is “ridiculous,” fans are dredging reminders of her past, including her heroin addiction.

Fans are making use of social media to remember problems star created

She cast herself in a no-win situation. When she states that bringing up her heroin addiction is “disgusting,” fans are reminding her of the meme she shared on her Facebook account and of her gun-toting photo from Valentine’s Day.

When she made a mundane post about HotPockets, a follower brought up Jenelle’s heroin addiction:

When someone brought up the reality star's heroin use, she reacted by calling the follower’s remark “disgusting.” Fans are torn between thinking that Jenelle isn’t mindful of what she shares – prior to posting – and that she is indifferent about how her messages will affect people.

MTV fans not forgetful or forgiving very quickly

Publications such as FanSided and PopCulture have also noted that Jenelle’s followers and “Teen Mom 2” fans are not apt to forget or to forgive quite as quickly as Jenelle may want. As an MTV network star, it seems to fans that the reality of the fishbowl existence has not resonated with Jenelle.

Jenelle appears quick to judge and to fault her co-stars but seems to shrug off responsibility when at the center of chaos and controversy – that she either caused or stirred.

Do you think that Jenelle reacts too quickly on social media? What do you think when people announce they are blocking someone instead of just doing so?

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