Oh no, Nic Cage fans! Say it isn't so. This may come as a sudden shock, but the news just broke, as Nicolas Cage announced this at a press conference in Puerto Rico on April 17 looking very debonair in a sharp, royal blue suit -- that he plans to officially retire from acting in 3-4 years to focus more on directing.

He told the press exactly the opposite back in March -- that he would never retire and wants to keep working as an actor and doesn't want to star in Pizza Hut commercials. What changed his tune? He only directed one film, "Sonny," about a discharged soldier that returns home to New Orleans hoping to break away from his past as a trained prostitute.

It bombed at the box office years ago. The actor is currently in production on his upcoming film, "Primal" which was delayed for eight months due to the wrath of Hurricane Maria.

Nicolas Cage the director

Nicolas Cage said in the press conference in Puerto Rico that his film production company, Saturn Films, is currently involved in all his movies. He wants to eventually be back behind the camera directing instead of acting. This means after three or four years -- according to an article from The Blast. Cage revealed the soul-crushing news about his future in Hollywood to the media; we won't be seeing his famous rants in the theaters anymore. Instead, we may see his title as "director" roll in the credits.

Does this mean he's getting fed up with the internet memes?

"Directing is something I look forward to down the road—because primarily I'm a film performer and I'm going to continue doing that for 3-4 years," Cage explained in an interview with The Blast. "I'm getting back in production, my company Saturn Films is involved in all the movies I'm doing now.

I'd like to focus more on directing."

A video was posted of the entire press conference; featuring Nic Cage, on the Governor of Puerto Rico's Facebook page.

The future of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has several films in the works that are currently in production and post-production. Besides "Primal," he has mentioned he would like to see a "Mom and Dad" sequel.

His police film "211" is due out June 8 in select theaters and on-demand. He just finished another film in Bogota, South America called "Running With The Devil," and his film "The Humanity Bureau" is out now on VOD and in limited release in theaters. I hope he changes his mind and shifts back to acting which is what made him famous. I cannot visualize him directing. It would be a shame to waste his remarkable acting talent on directing. However, this remains to be seen.