Counting Onfans have spotted a dichotomy in the Duggar family women’s modest wear when images are shared on TLC or on social media. In televised depictions of the women clad in below-the-knee length skirts or dresses, their knees have been blurred when skin was showing.

Fast forward to Instagram, however, and their knees are not visually obscured with pixelation or other graphic manipulation techniques when their dresses or skirts fall above-the-knee. In Touch Weekly noticed the polarity – which is medium-dependent.

Fans are not questioning their choice to dress modestly or press any of the Duggar women to adopt a more widespread societal norm of wearing, say, short skirts, shorts, or even a one or two-piece swimsuits.

Curiosity over the difference and why knee skin is not altered with censor bars online is one of those things that fans are simply discussing.

Skin-censoring Duggar women started with mom Michelle

In 2011, the skin censoring “trend” started, according to In Touch. The idea was hatched and relayed to TLC producers by none other than the Duggar Family matriarch herself. That’s right. It was Michelle Duggar.

While wakeboarding during a vacation at their friends’ home, Michelle wore a skirt. Due to the activity on the wakeboard and water, her skirt evidently shifted. Her knees showed. When Michelle realized that others would see her knees, she approached the “19 Kids and Counting” producers and asked that they block out her knees.

Evidently, it wasn’t a big deal to show producers to comply with her request. She did use the magic word: “Please.”

According to In Touch, a similar outcome resulted in 2015 after Jill, Derick Dillard’s mother, and Derick went to a salon for pedicures following the birth of the couples’ son Israel. Her skirt hiked during the two-hour-long sit-down salon session.

Without a doubt, the production crew did see Jill’s knees. Regardless of who saw her knees in the salon, Jill didn’t want her bare knees visible in the footage slated for broadcast.

Unlike his wife, it was obvious that Derick did not ask the film crew to block out his feet before the footage was broadcast. Several times, his feet were displayed in close-up shots.

He just kicked back and enjoyed the massage that incorporated both lotion and hot stones.

On again, off again skin censorship?

Having the production team conceal her knees was also done after Jessa Duggar Seewald took a flight to see her brother-in-law Jeremy Vuolo, and sister Jinger. Jessa was accompanied by her husband, Ben, and their children during the flight.

Fans are wondering why, at times, during the same flight, Jessa’s knees were not blocked with censor bars. Viewers could see skin intermittently when she walked and while she sat.

Couple the above instances with the fact that the Duggar women have posted photos to their shared Instagram account with their knees showing. The question de jour seems to be: What gives?

Is there a distinction between having their bare knees seen on television and Internet users seeing their knees?

Does getting married change the skin display on film outcome?

On March 12, In Touch also covered the more relaxed fashion style that Jessa and Jill started sporting, replete with a nose ring. Each Duggar daughter who has married has worn pants at some point, post-nuptial exchanges


If the difference is pre- and post-marriage, it still does not explain why a photo of Joy-Anna’s knees was posted to Instagram. The picture was taken a couple months before she exchanged vows with Austin Forsyth.

Possibly, fans will know the answer if Jessa, Jill, Jinger, or Joy-Anna takes on viewers’ questions in an upcoming episode of “Counting On.” Be sure to watch TLC and following Blasting News for the latest information.