One of the biggest stories to start the week came when it was revealed that Fox News host Sean Hannity was a client of Michael Cohen. As the news continues to make headlines, Hannity is lashing out on Twitter in an attempt to defend himself.

Hannity on Twitter

The scandal involving Donald Trump and his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels first created a panic for the White House back in January.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the news, claiming that Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in "hush money" to remain silent about her reported sexual relationship with the former host of "The Apprentice." The White House has denied the reports, deflecting any questions to Cohen, who himself was forced to obtain a lawyer after the FBI raided his office earlier this month. During a court appearance this week, Cohen was ordered by a judge to reveal the name of his mystery client, who turned out to be Sean Hannity of Fox News.

Once the news broke, Sean Hannity's name went viral, much to the joy of his critics.

In response, Hannity denied that he ever was a client of Cohen, but instead just sought general legal advice. After the Washington Post published an article critical of Hannity and his relationship with Donald Trump, the Fox News host went off on Twitter. "Besides my friend David Bossie, Wapo cites over a dozen sources that are 'ANONYMOUS" So much of this article is total BS," Hannity tweeted, before adding, "And what’s more pathetic is the rest of the media regurgitates the lies."

After the Washington Post ran another article in the same tone, Sean Hannity returned to Twitter to bash the "fake news." "More 'Anonymous'sources!

I have said 'I’m not a journalist' in the traditional sense. I have said I am an opinion journalist or advocacy journalist and I am," he wrote, before stating, "I am a radio and TV Talk Show Host."

Hannity's double down

Not stopping there, Sean Hannity continued to defend himself from media criticism. "As a Talk Show Host, sometimes I report the news straight with no opinion, do news making interviews break news, do investigative reports etc," the angry Fox News host posted.

"Other times I give strong opinion, debate others, and moderate debates. It’s all part of being a Talk Show Host," Hannity wrote, while concluding, "I am a conservative!"

Twitter reacts

After Sean Hannity's rant on Twitter, critics took time to hit back. "So journalism is not 'dead,' as you've claimed for a decade?" CNN's Brian Stelter replied.

"You are not any kind of journalist so please stop with that nonsense.

You are an entertainer, talk show host and in recent yrs, propagandist. Own it. Thank you," a Twitter user wrote. "You’re being sued by Seth Rich’s parents because you are a horrid, disgusting fake news peddler. A racist bigot dressed up in 250 pounds of slovenly bullsh*t," another tweet added.

"Talk show host, not a journalist. Thanks for confirming," a social media user wrote. "You forgot about lying constantly!" a follow-up tweet read.