Briana Dejesus has been laying low for the last few weeks. Recovering from her surgery with Dr. Miami has taken a lot out of her. Now, she is ready to maintain her killer body and get on with her life. DeJesus has been plagued with rumors of a boyfriend and baby on the way, especially since her relationship with Javi Marroquin blossomed so fast. They broke up right before her surgery and now, she is moving on with her life in good spirits.

Pregnancy rumors

It seems that almost every other week there is a rumor circulating that Briana DeJesus is pregnant with her third child.

She is currently starring on “Teen Mom 2” because she was pregnant again. She gave birth to Stella last summer. DeJesus has showcased the struggles she has had with her baby daddies, and it hasn't been easy. Devoin has stepped up recently to help with Nova, especially after her plastic surgery earlier this year. Rumors began circulating about them hooking back up, but Briana quickly shut those talks down.

According to OK! Magazine, Briana DeJesus is facing more pregnancy rumors because of a comment she made. While she was sharing her workout, a troll decided to throw out some comments about working out when she knows she will be pregnant again soon. DeJesus clapped back with a comment about how pregnant women can workout too, and that started it all.

Currently, Briana is not expecting another child and she hasn't made a definitive choice about whether there will be more kids in the future. Her main focus is raising Nova and Stella on her own since both Devoin and Luis have skipped out on their responsibilities.

New season ahead

A brand new season of “Teen Mom 2” will be airing in the upcoming weeks.

Briana DeJesus taped some scenes with Javi Marroquin, which fans are excited to see. Despite their breakup, it will be interesting to see how their dynamic worked. On top of that, Briana remains friendly with Jenelle Evans who faced backlash when her husband, David Eason, was fired from “Teen Mom 2” with just six weeks of filming left.

There is plenty of drama this season, and thankfully, DeJesus is only a party to it, not the cause of most of it. This may just be the most dramatic season of the show yet, and that is saying a lot.

While Briana DeJesus may not be having baby number three right now, there isn't anything saying she won't in the future. Right now, she is focusing on parenting her two daughters and filming "Teen Mom 2."