Tyra Banks has admitted to getting an early-career Nose Job, claiming that natural beauty is "unfair," she told People magazine. In her new book written along with her mother, Banks shares about her nose job and her views on beauty, natural and otherwise.

“I get really uncomfortable when women who are these natural beauties judge anybody who does anything to themselves," Banks told People.

Banks said that the original surgery she was getting on her nose was to finally fix some problems that had occurred due to an un-realized nose break when she was three years old, according to US Weekly.

She added cosmetic surgery on top of the sinus surgery she needed to get, calling it cosmetic slash medical, US wrote.

She has previously revealed her real hair and why she uses wigs and extensions but said in her book that she feels she has a responsibility to tell the truth about all of it.

Banks didn't share her age at the time of the procedure. She was 15 years old when she began her modeling career.

Banks shares in her book that all women can choose what they want to look like

Nobody has to be either entirely natural or entirely made up, they just need to do what they feel best with, she said in her book.

When it comes to beauty she sees a line where women either have incredibly natural looks or have to constantly be getting work done.

She believes it is okay for women to go back and forth over the line because it is nobody's place to judge,

Tyra Banks' book 'Perfect is Boring' came out on April 3

Tyra Banks has been promoting her book, "Perfect is Boring," which is a memoir co-written with her mother Carolyn London, through social media, sharing lessons her mother has taught her.

"TOMORROW, the world will know what I’ve always known..MY MAMA IS A FIERCE QUEEN! Our book #PerfectIsBoring come stay [sic] out in just hours!" Banks tweeted on April 2.

Banks' and London's purpose is to not just share a book but a movement, according to Banks.

According to the book's website perfectisboring.com, they are "on a mission to:

• showcase your unique beauty

• have you embrace your beautiful booty

• and outpace your competition."

She believes everyone should be themselves but also admits she needs makeup as a model even as many support the "no makeup" movement.

"If you like your natural self, don’t worry about it," she said. She does not judge what women choose to do with their looks, and wants women to feel comfortable with themselves, something she is working to share in her book.

Tyra Banks is a host on "America's Got Talent," which will kick off the 2018 season on May 29, as well as "America's Next Top Model," a show she created.