'American Idol' 2018 sent Laine Hardy home after the solo round, but he has a growing fan base. He shared the happy news that Facebook let him change his account name. This means that you can now find and comment to Laine on his Facebook. Fans are assuming it used to be Lane Hardy as this is what he was called in previous music festivals.

Over three hundred people have now found his own Laine Hardy account on Facebook and more will surely follow. Then on his Facebook fan page lainehardymusic, there are over 50 thousand followers. The 'American Idol' alum has a growing fan base on Twitter and his Instagram is growing too as he often posts videos there too.

'American Idol' 2018 gave Laine good exposure

"American Idol" gave Laine Hardy some confidence and the shy young man also got good exposure from the show. The new format of "Idol" is galloping through the contestants in the blink of an eye, but Laine's beautiful voice and charming smile caught fan attention fast!

Laine likes to spend time "burning gas," admiring squirrels, playing in a band and generally doing what all country boys do - go fishing. Now it looks like he will have to spend a bit more time on social media to keep his fans informed. They all want more covers from him. Maybe, just maybe, there's a bit of selfishness in those people who fell in love with this young Louisiana singer.

He didn't win "Idol" so we get to have more of him to ourselves, for a little while at least.

Sooner or later, someone will manage him, give him a deal, a contract, and a million fans to swoon at his often-bare feet. Until then, we can enjoy sharing the Laine Hardy journey in his music career.

On Facebook, Laine made the announcement about the name change.

He posted, "Facebook finally let me change my name so now y’all can tag me as “Laine” Hardy."'

This is not totally accurate of course, as Laine has to accept a friend request to tag him, but you can comment on his posts. There are lots of friend requests.

Even better, you can visit his page and see his videos. There's one really cute video of him when he was about ten or eleven playing the guitar, so here's hoping he keeps his photos and vids public.

Facebook fans are so encouraging to Laine

Fans of Laine Hardy are being very supportive and are saying some nice things to him. One user posted, "Sometimes American Idol don't know talent. You have a bright future ahead of you that is for sure :) they have passed up a lot of incredible talent, you are now added to that list, can't wait to see what you do in the future :) God bless."

Of course, if you are in and around Livingstone, Louisiana, you can also follow Laine at The Band Hardy page on Facebook, where they post up events and where they will be playing. Like, how good does this sound, "We will be playing at rum buoys on river highland road Friday may 25th. Y’all come on out and sit on the water with us for some river Rat’n fun."

So "American Idol" may be over for the country boy for the time being, but Laine Hardy Facebook fans can at least stay in touch with him until the next time.