'American Idol' - Laine Hardy. One of season 16's "American Idol" contestants, Laine Hardy, is picking up adoring fans in a hurry over on Instagram. He recently posted a clip of a song he's working on and fans went crazy for it. The 17-year-old from French Settlement School is a country boy with a whole lot of soul.

Even without a studio, Laine Hardy can sing and play the guitar to lift the hairs on your arms. His latest clip on Instagram was lauded by Laine Hardy fans

User bbgchic2316, responded to the short video with, "Yare so good! Even without being in a studio.

You are going to go so FAR! Good luck! I'll be watching! @laine_hardy."

User saramaezing94, shared the same sentiment, writing. "Really impressed by your performance during auditions for American Idol. The courage it took to perform when you’re shy is a whole lot. I can’t even imagine and you completely rocked it!!! So impressed. You will definitely have my vote!

Lane Hardy sings on Instagram for 'Idol' fans

Laine's video clip of him singing showed him looking laid back and relaxed. He captioned his clip with, Here’s a clip of one of many songs that I’m working on right now #blackcrowes #americanidol."

Hardy's history of music

Laine, outside of "Idol," is not new to music, (even though he had no professional singing training), and playing in front of an audience.

According to his bio, he got his first guitar when he was seven, and for the past few years has been playing in a band.

You can check out Laine Hardy's amazing performance at the New York premiere of the “STRAIGHT TO THE HEART” Music festival on YouTube. According to the YouTube write-up on the Ultimate Vocal Music Summit channel, Hardy was actually "born in Baton Rouge, LA, [and] brings a real and intense youthful energy to Fogerty mythical and imaginary thoughts that penned the words to Born on the Bayou, with Creedence Clearwater Revival's second album, Bayou Country released in 1969."

Laine Hardy shouts out to his brother

It seems that Laine is a nice young man as well as a talented one, but not in the "aw-shucks" kind of way.

He is getting a lot of recognition now, but he took the time to give a nice shout-out to his brother. Laine posted on Instagram, Y’all please go follow my brother! I look up to him every step of the way and he’s the best. I love him with all I got. His Facebook is Kyle Hardy and his Insta is @kyle.hardyy."

Will Laine be the next 'American Idol?'

Competition is tight in the "American Idol" contest, but Laine has something special.

It's that something special that Elvis Presley had. It's that very something special that Donovan had. But it is also something special that is uniquely Laine Hardy. You could maybe put your money on him taking away the 2018 "American Idol."

If you missed Lain Hardy at his audition for"American Idol," you can watch it below.