Amber Portwood’s “Marriage Boot Camp” doctor, Dr. Ish Major, targeted her relationship with Andrew Glennon during Friday night’s new episode (April 19) of the show and shortly thereafter, the “Teen Mom OG” star’s brother, Shawn, came to her defense.

After Dr. Major labeled Portwood’s new romance as “a mess,” claiming she should have waited and gotten to know herself and breaking up with Matt Baier and quickly embarking on a new relationship, Shawn took to Twitter and suggested that the doctor doesn’t know anything about how his sister has changed for the better since the start of the romance.

As he explained, being with Glennon has helped turn Portwood’s attitude around completely and she is far more pleasant to be around these days.

“When I said that [Andrew Glennon] ‘contains her’ in a sense, I mean it,” Shawn Portwood revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on April 23. “[Amber’s] mood and her behavior has chilled out a lot since they’ve been together.”

Shawn admits that she moves quickly in life

Although Shawn did acknowledge that his sister has made a habit of moving quickly, he noted that her latest moves with Glennon have benefitted both her health and her family’s situation. That said, he added that he understands where Dr. Major was coming from because he likely had reason to believe that jumping right back into a committed relationship wasn’t the best thing for Portwood’s mental health.

Shawn Portwood went on to note that while he’s been in his sister’s life for 27 years, Dr. Major was only given 10 days to get the know her. “I have seen her ups and her downs and I have seen her at her worst,” Shawn added.

Shawn likes Andrew Glennon far more than he liked Matt Baier

As he explained to The Ashley, Andrew Glennon is “tenfold better” than Matt Baier, who Amber Portwood dated on and off for several years.

For years, Portwood was seen starring alongside Baier, who frequently made headlines for his alleged failure to pay child support to his many children.

Portwood stuck by her boyfriend for a long time, but last year, after they joined “Marriage Boot Camp” in the hopes of saving their relationship, Portwood met and fell in love with Glennon, who was working behind the scenes.

Weeks later, Portwood became pregnant with Glennon’s first child and next month, they will welcome a baby boy named James.

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