Ryan Edwards has been struggling with an addiction to drugs for the past couple of seasons of “Teen Mom OG” and during a new interview, one particular cast member is pulling his future into question.

Weeks after Edwards was arrested for violating his probation with a heroin possession charge, Farrah Abraham’s mother, Debra Danielsen, is speaking out about his struggles, revealing that her doctor husband recently shared some troubling news. "I've heard all kinds of s**t from all kinds of people but my husband, Dr. David Merz, tells me, 'Debra, [Ryan Edwards is] a Dead Man Walking.’”

Speaking to In Touch Weekly magazine on April 24, Danielsen said she was hurt by the news and felt horrible about the news.

She also said that Edwards and the rest of the "Teen Mom OG" cast was like family.

Ryan Edwards has been accused of cheating on his pregnant wife

In addition to the drug scandal he's involved with, Edwards has also been accused of cheating, or attempting to cheat, on his pregnant wife, Mackenzie Standifer. As Danielsen explained, she was recently blindsided by a report which suggested that Edwards had been caught using the dating app Tinder to allegedly meet other women.

In response to the cheating scandal, Farrah Abraham's mom wondered if Edwards had a "suicidal wish" and suggested he get himself involved in some drug counseling. As fans saw on Monday night (April 23), Edwards and his wife told host Dr.

Drew Pinsky that he had been unable to find a counselor because no one would agree to see him. While Dr. Pinsky certainly had his doubts and voiced them, Edwards insisted that his career on "Teen Mom OG" had gotten in the way of his recovery because counselors in his area weren't on board with him continuing to appear on the show.

Debra Danielsen also said Ryan Edwards appears to be in need of "emotional, psychotherapy kind of stuff."

What should Ryan Edwards do moving forward?

According to Danielsen, she is hopeful that the parents of the reality star and the parents of his wife will get together with one another, and even his ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, and find a counselor or stage an intervention.

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