Amber Portwood and Matt Baier called it quits in May of last year and just months later, the "Teen Mom OG" star confirmed she had moved on with a new man, Andrew Glennon. Right away, fans questioned why the longtime reality star was moving on from Baier so quickly and now, her resident therapists on "marriage boot camp: Reality Stars Family Edition" are taking aim at Portwood's shocking behavior.

On April 18, the hosts of the WEtv reality show, Dr. Ish and Dr. V, spoke to In Touch Weekly magazine about Portwood's quick move out of her relationship with Baier and into her romance with Glennon and admitted that neither of them are pleased with her decision, especially after learning the reality star is expecting a child in just weeks time.

Why is Amber Portwood's situation such a 'mess' to professionals?

"The issue with [Amber's new relationship] is the impulsivity of it," Dr. Ish explained. As the doctor noted, Portwood got involved with the boot camp program last year in an effort to gain closure and move forward. That said, Portwood ditching Baier, moving right on with Glennon, and getting pregnant just weeks later was far from ideal. In fact, Dr. Ish said, "it's a mess."

Dr. Ish went on to say that the pattern of Portwood's ongoing relationships appears to be a good sign that she cannot cope with being alone. As he explained, he doesn't like the matter and would like to see Portwood embark on a new pattern but, at the end of the day, her inability to be alone is a part of her personality disorder.

He then hinted that Portwood's current relationship with Glennon may face the drama her past relationships dealt with.

Amber Portwood gains stability from her two children

According to Dr. V, Portwood's nine-year-old daughter, Leah, and her unborn son, James, offer her "stability" in her life. Although children should offer stability, and that isn't exactly a horrible thing, people should be able to find stability within themselves.

The father of Portwood's first child, Gary Shirley, also expressed thoughts on her inability to stay single, stating in August of last year that he would have loved to see her get to know herself a bit better before jumping into her new relationship.

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