Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that May sweeps are going to drop a bombshell on the residents of genoa city. The secret that Abby and Ashley are hiding will come to light and Jack Abbot's paternity issue will finally be solved. This news will impact a lot of people and Kyle especially will be shocked. He was working with Victor as a spy in his father's company and tried to take over the reigns. Finding out that he and his father are not blood Abbot's will rock this young man to the core.The reveal of who his biological grandfather actually is may cause even more damage because it could be someone who is living among them.

May sweeps will be exciting on 'Y&R'

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the big reveal of Jack's paternity is coming during the month that television networks attempt to gain their highest ratings. Fans of "The Young and the Restless" will be grateful that this mystery will soon be solved. All they know is that Dina was meeting a man at a low budget motel. This does not sound like it would be anyone who is prominent in Genoa City but this may have been a deception to keep people off the trail.

The mystery man could actually be someone of great importance such as Victor Newman.This could be the very reason that Kyle has aligned himself with his father's biggest rival. Jack's Biological Father could possibly be someone totally unknown, but whoever he is fans don't have long to wait for his reveal.

May sweeps is less than a week away and holds the promise to be very exciting.

Dina's secret will rock Genoa City

Jack has spent his entire adult life trying to live up to the legacy of John Abbot. He has also used to the advantage in the fact that Ashley's father was Brent Davis. His sister, however, does not want to see him hurt by the reveal of Dina's secret, but spoilers tease that it's about to become public knowledge.

If Victor is the dad it may explain why the writers have him so chummy with Kye who would end up being his grandson. If someone else is Madame Mergeron's baby daddy then Victor would probably use it to his advantage in his war against Jabot.

Celeb Dirty Laundry has promised additional updates on this storyline so be on the lookout for spoilers as they come in. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS. The paternity secret is about to rock Genoa City and loyal viewers should not miss one episode during May Sweeps.