Things at Tori Spelling's house are starting to calm down a bit following the emergency 911 call that was placed early Thursday morning stating that Spelling was suffering a nervous breakdown. Police and medical emergency personnel arrived at Spelling's Woodland Hills home shortly thereafter.

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The 911 call came in from a concerned family member who stated that Tori was acting very strangely, that she was very aggressive and looked as if she was suffering a major mental breakdown of some sort. Sources close to the situation have now revealed that the emergency personnel who were on the scene have all left and Tori was not transported to the hospital.

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“Tori was having a panic attack about family issues when the call to 911 was made,” a source close to the situation explained. They said, according to Radar Online, that no discussions have taken place about placing Tori Spelling into any form of psychiatric treatment at this time, and she does not appear to be a danger to herself, or others.

Things began to get shaky for Tori on Wednesday, according to her close friend Corinne Olympios, who had lunch with Spelling earlier that day. She claims that Tori was stressing about her kids.

Fans were not at all shocked to hear that Tori Spelling may have suffered some form of meltdown. It is public knowledge that Dean and Tori both have been under a lot of mental stress over the last several years.

Spelling has had a rough time over the past several years. The former "Beverly Hills 90210" star has dealt with major problems with Dean Mcdermott, including infidelity.

They have had five children in a short time frame, and they are suffering from major financial devastation and serious legal threats from their debt collectors.

In 2013 Tori dealt with Dean entering rehab after admitting to cheating on her. Things do not appear to be getting any better for the Spelling/McDermott family financially.

Dean remains without a job, and the stress over the bills has been causing the couple to fight non-stop according to insiders. McDermott is currently more than $100,000 behind on child support and alimony payments owed to ex-wife Mary Joe Eustace.

The pressures are just becoming too much for Tori to handle.

She is completely overwhelmed by everything and everyone in her life at this time and has only one place to turn to for assistance: her mother, Candy Spelling. Candy Spelling has been very open about how she feels about her daughter's excessive spending and has come to her aid a few times over the years already. However, she feels that Tori and Dean's situation has been brought on by their poor judgment and lack of responsibility.

What are your thoughts on Tori Spelling's panic attack and/or mental breakdown?