Tori Spelling has allegedly suffered a Nervous Breakdown, according to TMZ reports. Things have appeared to have taken a scary turn for the former "Beverly Hills: 90210" star. TMZ reports that police officers are currently at Tori Spelling's home in Woodland Hills, California after responding to a 911 emergency call that came around 7 AM on Thursday, March 1.

Tori Spelling's mental health evaluated by police

The call came in that people were very concerned and reporting that Tori was acting very strangely, stating she was very aggressive and looking as if she was suffering a major mental breakdown of some sorts.

TMZ reveals that they were told that Spelling doesn't have any weapons, but that something major was going down with the mother of five.

Will Candy Spelling finally step in and bail Tori out of trouble?

This is also the second police response in less than 24-hours. On Wednesday night (Feb. 28), Spelling called the police, believing someone was outside her home attempting to break in. The alleged intruder turned out to be Tori's husband, Dean Mcdermott.Things seem to have taken a frightening turn for Spelling, who was spotted out early Wednesday with gal pal Corinne Olympios from "The Bachelor."

This potential nervous breakdown news does not come as a huge surprise to celebrity news followers considering all the mental stress Tori Spelling, 44, has been under due to her current financial issues.

Not to mention dealing with five children on a full-time basis. Despite coming from one of the wealthiest families in Hollywood, Tori, the daughter of the late TV mogul Aaron Spelling and mother Candy, is in some serious debt trouble.

Tori Spelling was left a mere $800,000 from her father's $600 million estates. In 2014, Candy Spelling revealed that Tori's reckless spending habits played a big part in why Tori was cut out of her father's estate.

Candy claims that Tori would go into a shop, have them close the doors and walk out hours later having spent more than $50,000 without as much as a blink.

Even though Tori and Dean are in massive debt and have been threatened with jail, the two haven't seemed to slow down their overspending. Another worry Candy Spelling has for Tori and Dean is the already large family they keep adding to.

Fans were shocked to hear that Dean McDermott and Tori couldn't afford a vasectomy and only months later welcomed the arrival of their fifth child.

It also appears that Tori has no plans to stop at five children and has been reportedly revealing that she misses being pregnant and could see herself going for McDermott baby number six!

At this time police officials remain at the home of Tori Spelling evaluating the situation. This story is still developing.