Jinger Duggar is in the headlines yet again, and this time it is for a great reason. Now, in case you didn’t know, Jinger is a fan-favorite of the Duggar family and the reason for that is that she is far more laid-back than the other family members. For example, the women in this family aren’t allowed to wear pants, but Jinger chose to rebel against this rule one day and shocked fans when she stepped out in her skinny jeans. The jeans winded up being her signature look. Well, this time, Jinger has gone for an edgier look with her fashion choices, and fans are loving it.

What is this new fashion choice?

This most recent fashion choice of Jinger’s was to don a short tennis skirt that went above her knees and then play tennis with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo. Now, obviously, wearing a skirt above the knee is pretty much the norm and nothing out of the ordinary, but by Duggar family’s standards, this is rather scandalous. Some Duggar fans within the online community disagree with the family, saying, “Oh snap Jinger! Sleeveless shirt and a short skirt. You better work that outfit.” While another commented “So happy to see her living life as a normal adult woman!”

What is everyone else in the Duggar family up to at the moment?

While on the topic of Jinger Duggar, I should include that she just recently revealed earlier this year that she is expecting her first child with husband Jeremy Vuolo.

This is also not the only Duggar baby due this year, as, on February 23rd, Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth finally had their son, Gideon Martyn Forsyth. However, there is one more Duggar child that is confirmed to be coming this year, and that would be Kendra and Joseph’s baby.

Joseph was actually under fire by a lot of fans online as these fans think that he disrespects Kendra quite often, as he apparently never lets her speak.

The reason these fans think this is because TLC posted a video about what this couple was looking forward to at Christmas and Joseph always cut her off before she was able to speak.

Nonetheless, to keep up with everything that this family is doing, be sure to follow them on social media and their TLC family reality television series “Counting On," which is currently airing a brand new season.

This season is said to be full of drama, as it may deal with what the consequences were of Derick Dillard being fired from the series after he made rather transphobic remarks toward fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.