Margaret Josephs joined "Real Housewives of New Jersey" in Season 8 and quickly worked her way into the fray. She befriended just about everyone, except Siggy Flicker, who brought her on the show in the first place. Now that the dramatic season is over, Margaret still can't seem to help but throw some shade at her "RHONJ" nemesis. She's also trying to clear up some rumors about herself and the show that made her famous.

Margaret denies IRS trouble

Near the end of Season 8, "Real Housewives of New Jersey" fans were abuzz when Margaret Josephs' legal trouble surfaced.

The brand new "RHONJ" star had been the target of a massive trademark lawsuit that threatened to end her business and take over her home.

In January, it was widely reported that Margaret and her husband Joe were facing foreclosure on their home. Page Six claimed that they received a foreclosure notice in December because they owed nearly $200K in back taxes.

Margaret says those reports are not true while making an appearance on the Domenick Nati Show. She did confirm that there was a huge tax bill from 2012 that she owed and had been making payments on but insists that the story isn't true and that she has been making payments to the IRS and is current with their payment plan

"Our taxes are current and we've always been paying them," Margaret said of the recent reports.

Margaret Josephs explained that things got really messy when Vineyard Vines sued Margaret for her Macbeth Collection, which they said violated their copyright. In the interview, she admitted that the lawsuit caused a lot of problems that included an attempt to involve her home.

"We had a horrible, horrible lawsuit which even came out at the reunion," Margaret said about the Vineyard Vines suit.

"They had placed a lien and were coming at us from every angle. So that got involved with our home and everything else. So that had all come out in the papers saying we were going to lose our house but that's being all cleared up.

On 'RHONJ' and Siggy Flicker

There have been rumors that "Real Housewives of New Jersey" has been on the chopping block for Bravo.

Margaret Josephs told Domenick Nati that those rumors are false. She said that Season 9 filming hasn't started yet but that it will soon.

As far as Siggy Flicker's replacement, it looks like they found one but Margaret isn't spilling the beans. Instead, she told Domenick that contractually, she can't talk about who will be taking Siggy's spot when Season 9 starts.

The chatter about Margaret Josephs' nemesis didn't stop there. Clearly, Margaret and Siggy will never be friends. When asked if Siggy will "remain relevant or if this is the last America will ever hear from her, Margaret chose the latter. She even suggested that Siggy should move to Boca, enjoy a pina colada and give up her entertainment career.


Margaret Josephs had plenty more to say and she even dished on Danielle Staub's upcoming wedding. To hear more from Margaret about herself and her "Real Housewives of New Jersey" co-stars, check out the rest of the interview below.