If Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott weren't broke before, they certainly are now. It was revealed on Saturday that the Internal Revenue Service is no longer waiting around for the famous couple to pay their large tax bill and swooped in right in time for Easter to drain their Bank Accounts in an attempt to collect what was due. The IRS drama isn't even the couple's only huge money problem, considering that Dean has been in and out of court over unpaid child support claims too.

Tori and Dean's money problems

In July 2016, it was learned that Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott were in arrears on their federal taxes to the tune of $707,487.30 and that was just for their unpaid 2014 taxes.

It looks like the couple failed to make arrangements to pay up that debt and got quite the surprise when the IRS took their money anyway, emptying out the couple's bank accounts in the process. It's still not clear how much was taken and how much is still owed on this huge tax bill.

In addition to back taxes, Dean McDermott also owes back child support. Just last month he was in court trying to explain himself to the judge over failed payments for his 18-year old son Jack with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace. Dean told the judge that the missed payments happened because he and his actress wife had "fallen on hard times."

Wait, there's more...

It looks like the IRS and Dean's ex-wife aren't the only bill collectors coming after Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

They also have some huge credit card bills that have gone unpaid. Just last November it was revealed that Dean and Tori were being sued by American Express for $87,595.55. Apparently, they didn't learn their lesson after being sued by the same credit card company earlier in the year for $37,981.97.

Tori Spelling is reportedly hoping to fix their huge money problems by way of another reality series.

As if viewers haven't already seen enough of the Spelling-McDermott brood, Tori is trying to reinvent herself as some sort of lifestyle guru and showcase both her talents and her growing family on-screen again.

Despite all of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's money problems, the pair recently welcomed their fifth child. Tori admitted that baby number five was a "band-aid" baby, having ben conceived after many money and marriage problems. She also said just one month after giving birth that they wouldn't be against adding a sixth child to their already financially struggling family.