Life for Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott continues to implode. Things are falling apart around the former "90210" star's feet and it is happening in a very sad and public way.

Tori and Dean engage in brutal public fight

Just as it appeared to be setting down a bit for Tori Spelling following a week of public chaos, things took another explosive turn. Tori and husband Dean tried to have a normal family dinner on Friday night, according to Radar Online, but it wasn't long into their night out with the kids before the cops were called once again to defuse a domestic altercation.

How much more can Tori Spelling's kids handle?

The family arrived at Black Bear Diner in Tarzana, California. What started as a normal meal for the family of seven ended in public humiliation once again. Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott's ongoing marital stress reared its ugly head once again as a restaurant full of onlookers watched as local police officers were forced to referee their marital squabble. Sadly, their brood of terrified children was once again forced to watch their angry parents explain the situation to the law.

The officers were finally forced to show Tori, Dean and all five of their children the back door after it was suggested they vacate the public premises. It appears as if the divorce speculation concerning Spelling and McDermott could prove to be correct.

As previously reported, Dean has been spotted twice making visits to a lawyer's office since Tori's "alleged panic attack" earlier this week.

Those close to the reality couple's current situation have revealed that the pair has been under tremendous financial stress due to credit card bills, unpaid taxes, and Dean's outstanding spousal and child support payments.

As Radar Online reported, the stress has been building and has appeared to have taken its toll on Tori, who has been on to Dean to get a job to help pay off their accumulated debts.

There is no official news on Tori and Dean's marital standing at this time, however, three visits from the police over domestic altercations is not a good sign.

Regardless, whatever is going down between them, this is not a healthy environment for the kids. Some fans are curious as to why Tori's millionaire mom Candy Spelling has not yet stepped in.

However, most fans are well aware of just how Candy Spelling feels about Tori and Dean's financial situation. She allegedly pays for the couple's home, food, necessities, and all of her grandchildren's expenses, including private school. That is quite a lot already, but what Candy allegedly claims she will not pay for is Tori and Dean's irresponsible and reckless spending above their means.

What are your thoughts on Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's money mess?