Tori Spelling and Dean Mcdermott's marriage could finally be coming to an end according to reports from Radar Online. Dean has called 911 twice in the past week following verbal confrontations between himself and Tori that have led to alleged panic attacks on Tori's part.

As previously reported, things got pretty heated and out of control for former "90210" star Tori Spelling during a recent domestic squabble with her husband Dean McDermott. Money problems have plagued the family ever growing family for years. Tales of Tori's overspending, extravagant lifestyle toppled with the expense of raising five children and a husband with no job is enough to send anyone over the edge a bit.'

Tori and Dean have cash troubles

Tori and Dean's cash troubles have been big news in the celebrity magazines for years now.

The two have attempted to pull out of the financial hole they have dug with a couple of failed reality series, book deals, however, it has not been near enough to slow the cash hemorrhage they have been experiencing.

In fact, the family has continued to grow worse and worse for the family. However, most would not know they suffered from a cash flow problem at all. Despite the mounds of debt the family continues to live a very exuberant lifestyle. However, it seems as if it is all beginning to topple for Tori and Dean. Neighbors claim they have overheard numerous arguments pertaining to family finances more and more often. The debts keep climbing and the collectors keep calling.

Lawsuits pending

Lawsuits are pending against Tori and Dean from multiple credit card collectors, mortgage companies. Dean is in trouble with his ex-wife over back child support. It is not a pretty picture for them. Many fans believe that Tori's mom, millionaire Candy Spelling should step in and help the family out. Many call her greedy and selfish for allowing her daughter to allegedly suffer.

What is not known by many is that Candy has helped Tori and family numerous times and reportedly continues to do so.

Reports reveal that Candy pays for the house, utilities, food, and children's needs including their care and private schooling. What she does not agree to pay for is Tori's irresponsible spending and Dean's lack of employment sources claim.

But it looks as if Dean and Tori could be heading for a split according to Radar Online. Dean has been spotted twice heading to an attorney's office since Tori's panic attack.

It could be that things are beginning to break down and Dean is allegedly concerned that Tori will send him packing soon and Dean is getting ahead of the game seeking out his options should things end badly.

Do you believe Dean McDermott is worried Tori Spelling will file for divorce soon?