Listen up, Nicolas Cage fans, your moment of truth has finally arrived! Nicolas Cage's most bizarre, gory and haunting film yet; "Mandy" will finally arrive at a theater near you this summer. No word yet if the film will be available on VOD.

RLJ Entertainment, a film distributor and production company in Silver Springs, MD, has recently bought the U.S. rights to the long-awaited sequel to director Panos Cosmatos dark-cult horror thriller and sequel to "Beyond the Black Rainbow." The film made the rounds with mixed reviews at The Sundance Film Festival back in January.

There currently isn't a trailer available for the film yet but that's coming. The film is directed by Panos Cosmatos and stars Nicolas Cage as Red Miller and British actress Andrea Riseborough as "Mandy," and Linus Roache. It's produced by actor Elijah Wood's production company, Spectrevision, XYZ Films and Umedia. Ward and Jess De Leo of RLJ negotiated the deal to obtain the rights to the movie.

'Mandy' was a winner at The Sundance Film Festival

Critics at The Sundance Film Festival agreed that it was Nicolas Cage's best, extraordinary, and over-the-top performance in years, but some fans didn't appreciate the premise of the film. They were turned off by it because of its bloody, taboo nature, violence, and subject matter of devil cult worship.

The first fan-owned company, Legion M, presented "Mandy" at Sundance with the cast and crew in a Q&A session which included Nic Cage and a surprise guest, Vince Neil -- formerly of the hard rock 80s band, Motley Crue. Why was Vince there? Nic is friends with him, and the director, Panos Cosmatos, is a huge Motley Crue fan. One of the cast members wore a Motley Crue t-shirt in the film.

See the clip of the Q&A with Nicolas Cage and Vince Neil below.

The premise of "Mandy" follows Red Miller and his girlfriend, Mandy Bloom who live a peaceful existence in the Pacific Northwest in 1983. When the leader of a religious devil-worshipping cult kills her; he seeks bloody, fiery revenge against him and his cult. The movie features lots of "Cage-Rage" and is aimed to please any hardcore Cage fan.

Surprisingly, it maintained a perfect score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I haven't seen the film so that's a rare high rating for a Nic Cage film.

RLJ Entertainment has previously acquired the rights to Nic Cage films

RLJ Entertainment is no stranger to buying the rights to films that star Nicolas Cage. They scored the rights to his films, "Pay The Ghost," "Rage," and "Dog Eat Dog." It's no surprise that they would own the rights to "Mandy." Time will tell if the critics love it or pan it, and if it achieves box office success.