After rumors earlier in the week, Donald Trump Jr. is officially getting a divorce. Once the news broke, critics of the Trump family decided to speak out.

Don Jr's divorce

Marriage in the Trump family is well-documented and has often ended in divorce. For President Donald Trump, his current marriage to First Lady Melania Trump is his third, which followed a divorce from both Ivana Trump and Marla Maples.

While the president is currently dealing with alleged marital problems between himself and Melania, mostly due to the fallout from various reports of his infidelity, one of Trump's sons is following in his footsteps.

As reported by the New York Daily News on March 15, Vanessa Trump has officially filed for divorce from Donald Trump Jr. According to the Daily News, no reason was given for the split, though the divorce was categorized as "uncontested," which appears to show that both sides are in agreement about the separation. The couple were married back in 2005 and have five children.

Page Six had previously reported about the martial issues between Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa Trump, linking the issues to the younger Trump's constant traveling and Twitter habits that were drawing unnecessary attention. The couple had been in the news earlier this year after Vanessa was rushed to the hospital after opening up a letter that contained a white powder that many feared was poison.

After further examination, the power turned out to be cornstarch, and Vanessa was released from the hospital. As expected, critics of the administration and Don Jr. had a few things to say about the divorce.

Twitter on Trump divorce

As the news of the Trump divorce made the rounds on social media, those who oppose the president and his family took time give their thoughts.

"Melania you can do it too!" one tweet read.

"Good for her! Hopefully she keeps the kids away from Donald Trump Jr," a Twitter user wrote. "He made her dye her hair blond for the marriage? Is he another one obsessed with Ivanka?" a tweet wondered. "Escape the Swamp cult. Like father, like son. On to #2," an additional tweet pointed out. "And in other news ... Texas is part of the United States - sarcasm intended," a tweet noted.

"Someone told him the best way to have something when he gets out of jail is to let the ex wife have it in a divorce," a social media user wrote. "She doesn't want to go to jail with her hubby," yet another tweet stated.