Farrah Abraham is still not happy with her MTV producers. Months after the longtime reality star parted ways with the network's staff due to an alleged dispute over her involvement with the adult industry, Abraham spoke out against them -- and against the latest project of her co-star Maci Bookout.

Over the weekend, Abraham was questioned about the recent claim of producer Morgan J. Freeman, who suggested she was given the boot due to her bad treatment of his team. “I think that is the most unprofessional to say as well making it out that I quit when I still showed up for voiceovers and many other things and work and they’re still asking me to do a piece for the ['Teen Mom OG'] reunion," Abraham told TMZ on March 17.

"So, I don’t quit."

Farrah Abraham is 'pretty easygoing,' she says

Abraham went on to say that she's "pretty easygoing" and told the outlet that it was actually MTV and their staff who gave her a hard time and were difficult to work with. "I’ve got a lot that I deal with everyday and I like good people to work with me and they just knew that they weren’t the most trustworthy, honest, hardworking people like myself," she said, adding that she was "too nice" to the network's staff.

"They are spineless. If I’m hard to work with, they are spineless," she claimed.

Farrah Abraham targets hypocritical Maci Bookout

"She’s naked and afraid. Look at her now!" Abraham said when TMZ brought up the news of Maci Bookout's reportedly upcoming appearance on the Discovery Channel series "Naked and Afraid." "That’s what I worked with for so many years.

Thank God that time of my life is done," Abraham continued. "That’s society, the double standards. It’s what I fight against and it’s no place for my daughter to work around anymore."

When Abraham was welcomed back to "Teen Mom OG" after starring in a couple of sex tapes years ago, Bookout was vocal about her disappointment with her producers' decision to allow her to return.

So, when news broke of her upcoming role, she was immediately blasted on Twitter for being a hypocrite and Abraham agrees with her fans. After all, Bookout threatened to quit "Teen Mom OG" because of Abraham's tapes and later told producers she wouldn't allow her nine-year-old, son Bentley Edwards, to appear on the show, explaining that she didn't want him to have to deal with criticism over being on a series with an adult star.

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