In his latest post on social media, Donald Trump is continuing his defense against allegations of collusion with Russia. Following his tweet, critics of the president wasted no time hitting back.

Trump on Russia

It all started after his upset win over Hillary Clinton back in November 2016. In the weeks that followed, several news outlets and government agencies revealed that Russia hacked into the election and did so with the ultimate goal of electing Trump.

Since that time, the president has denied any wrongdoing, often repeating that there has been "no collusion," despite many of his former and current associates being indicted by Russian investigation special counsel Robert Muller for various ties back to the Kremlin.

The latest story revolves around whether or not Donald Trump will fire Robert Mueller, with conflicting reports speculating on what the president will decide to do. Over the weekend, Trump was busy on social media discussing the issue, accusing former FBI Director James Comey of planning to lie under oath, while celebrating the firing of Andrew McCabe. In a tweet on March 19, Trump added "A total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest!" Following his latest post, those who oppose Trump made sure to give their thoughts.

Twitter backlash

Following Donald Trump's tweet accusing the Russian investigation of being a "witch hunt" against him, the commander in chief quickly faced opposition. "This would be a great day for you to resign. Get out now, it is all crumbling around you. You CAN make America great again by giving the Presidency back to the people," one tweet read.

"A totally guilty Russian puppet.

Push your t*rd out and get to work," a Twitter user wrote. "Hey Donald Trump when will you be addressing the domestic terrorist attacks that have taken place, and lives, in Austin, Texas?" pro wrestler MVP asked. "If you are not guilty of anything then why do you cry so much? If there was nothing to find it wouldn't matter what they investigate. Every time you cry like a child all you are doing is yelling 'I'm guilty' do the world a favor and shut the hell up," yet another tweet added.

"You're not in a good place to be talking about massive conflicts of interest...and neither is the chair of the House Intel Committee....or you son-in-law....or most of your cabinet members," a social media user posted. "Another meltdown? Can someone please put this man on a 48 hour psychiatric hold? a tweet wondered.