The Bachelor” show is in its 22nd season. Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the lead this year. The finale is going to hit the screen 5 March 2018. This will be a two-hour show on ABC. The show was premiered on January 1. Fans of "The Bachelor" have been dealing with all the spin-offs like “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise,” and “The Winter Games.” The ladies of the show have been giving their best effort to win the heart of Arie Luyendyk Jr. He is 36 and single. He is a professional race car driver and is now working with real estate broker. The show is near to its end and the women who participated were Tia Booth, Lauren Burnham, Becca Kufrin and Kendall Long.

Who will win?

Arie is now down to three women. Kendall was eliminated. According “Reality Steve”, two are women left in the race. Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin are the two finalists. Arie Luyendyk chose these two women and one of them is going to be engaged to him. He admits that he’s in love with both of them. But it seems like he is much more attracted to Becca than Lauren.

He expressed on camera that being with her makes him happy. He proposed to her and she also accepted. Is this going to be the final happy ending? Is Becca the soul mate of Arie? Well, it does not seem right in some way. Everything between them was going perfectly until some unexpected incidents happened between them.

A stranger appeared who may have broken the bond between them.

The man had come to take back what he felt belonged to him.ABC flew him in to try and win back Becca, his ex-girlfriend. "Reality Steve" confirmed that the man is the former boyfriend of Becca. He wants her back in his life. But for Becca, If she had any plan for reuniting with him, she would probably not be attending the show.

The Bachelor Nation on YouTube actually shows Ari trying to convince her to get back together with him. he said to her, that she had been in a seven-year relationship and "I don't know what that means compared to our relationship." He went on to say there had to be "some part of him that felt like 'this could work.'"

Will Arie dump Becca?

It seems that the ending has been changed.

Kufrin is out of the race it seems. As she and her boyfriend have lot of history together, Arie cannot be with her even if he wants to. If he dumps her, Lauren will be the lucky one. In fact, there is a rumor going around that Arie has already dumped Becca Kufrin for Lauren. Apparently, Arie Luyendyk is Dating Lauren, and he may have even asked her to marry him back in January.