This season of "The Bachelor" 2018 is going to be really crazy as it comes to an end. Now, Reality Steve is sharing how this is all going to end and an update on how the couple is doing. If you missed it already, huge spoilers are out that Arie ends up picking Becca, then dumping her and is now with Lauren. So how are these two doing now?

How did this happen?

Up until about New Year's Eve, Arie Luyendyk Jr. was still with Becca. They spent time together after the filming ended and things seemed to be going okay. The couple was engaged and everyone will see him pop the question on the finale.

When he broke up with her, he blindsided her totally having cameras there to film it all and it sounds like she didn't know it was coming. This all went down on January 12 and it was just four days later that he was back with Lauren B already.

Details about Lauren and Arie

He first called Lauren B. on January 1, which was the premiere of "The Bachelor." Then on January 16, he showed up with the camera crew and told Lauren that he wanted to be with her. This was after he had dumped Becca. Ever since this day Lauren and Arie have been together and dating. It looks like they didn't skip a beat and are really happy together. You have to wonder how much they talked or exactly how this ended up happening, but Arie found his happily ever after with the runner-up.

So the big news is that last Saturday it looks like Arie proposed to Lauren. Steve has pictures of the place it was all set up. A film crew was also there. Steve says he can't confirm for sure if they are engaged, but that he is pretty sure that is what went down from everything he has heard. Now everyone will have to wait for sure to see it on next week's episodes.

The new ones air on Monday and Tuesday and since most of it is live there won't be spoilers.

This isn't the first time this has happened, but it all went down a bit different when Jason and Molly got together. He did it live on television and basically said producers made him do it that way. It sounds like Arie could have made the choice to do it in private, but he let the cameras be there for it all.

Molly and Jason are supposed to be there to talk to Arie as well. Maybe they can make the fans not be near as upset.

Are you shocked to hear that Lauren and Arie are already allegedly engaged? Do you feel like these two will last? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" when they air next week on Monday and Tuesday.