We all know that “The Bachelorette” is the spinoff series of the dating reality showThe Bachelor.” The show has already reached its 14th season. This year, the leading lady of “The Bachelorette is going to be a very special girl who is already winning hearts all over America. She is none other than Becca Kufrin. All of the information in this article comes from a previous report by Variety.

Becca is the runner-up of the show “The Bachelor.” She was supposed to be the winner of the show. But the leading man, Arie Luyendyk Jr., broke her heart at the last minute.

Well, she has got nothing to worry about. Now, Kufrin is the leading lady and 25 contestants are going to compete to win her heart.

She said, “I was in love with Arie. I’ll find it again.” The 27-year-old woman is all ready to find her new suitor. She also added, “I want to be the best damn ‘Bachelorette’ I can be. I’m so excited.” She seems so much excited about the show. The show will begin airing on May 28. I hope for the best for Kufrin. The show has also announced the name of five contestants. Becca said that she is hopeful and she has already met five men and a horse. The names of the suitors are given below.

The first suitor, Lincoln

Kufrin gets to meet the first guy on the show who is really charming.

He said some really sweet things to her. According to him, she handled the rejection like a pro. He seems to woo her from first appearance. He is completely overwhelmed to meet her. He adds that he is out of words. He is excited to meet her and wants to explore more about her. Becca Kufrin is also looking forward to know him more.

Chase Ferguson

He is a refreshing man. He is good looking and well-behaved. He even tells her that he does not think Arie was a well-matched for her. He said, “I think you deserve better than that.” Well, his magic seems to work on Kufrin. She seems to like him.

One suitor played banjo

He was playing a banjo. He seems pretty different.

He told Becca Kufrin that he is a different kind of lover. His way of expressing love is exceptional. Though I do not see them as a good match, maybe Becca will find something good in him.

Darius is the fourth suitor

He is extremely gentle and decent. His gentleman quality was revealed at his first appearance. He apologized for what happened to her. He was trying his best to impress her at the first meeting.

Blake came with a horse

Well, this guy seems pretty different. He appears with the horse. He said he will help her to get back up if she fell from the horse. He said it metaphorically.

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