BTS has been making waves in the international music scene as a Korean pop band, but even individually, the seven members each have something to share with their fans ARMY. After the quiet release of BTS member Min Suga's "Agust D" mixtape on Spotify, now the group, signed under Big Hit, released Jung Hoseok's (J-Hope) "Hope World" mixtape. J-Hope also treated the fans to an MV for the track "Daydream."

Highly anticipated globally

J-Hope is known as BTS's most talented dancer, but he has proven that he is a talented rapper as well in his highly anticipated "Hope World" mixtape, which fans had previously called "Hixtape." J-Hope, whose vocals have been heard in his solo track "MAMA" from the K-pop group's "Wings" album, also stars in the video for "Daydream," which dropped on March 2.

The MV already gained over 5 million videos in a few hours.

The other members of the group all expressed their support for the mixtape months before it was released. Even international celebrities have been showing their approval of Jung Hoseok. One notable celebrity, John Cena, has been posting J-Hope's photos on his Instagram account, much to the surprise of the group's ARMY. Not much is known about how or why Cena is posting about J-Hope specifically, but the fans of BTS welcome new members into the ARMY with open arms.

J-Hope is one of the integral parts of BTS as a dancer and rapper for the group. According to their choreographer, J-Hope is the best dancer in the 7-piece group that debuted in 2013.

J-Hope takes the lead choreography in several of their performances, including their hit single "MIC Drop." The remix of MIC Drop, featuring Steve Aoki, has already earned 178 million views on YouTube in three months.

BTS cameo?

"Daydream" follows the aesthetics seen in BTS music videos, with each scene showing bright colors and artistic imagery.

J-Hope also goes through several outfit changes for each scene, but what caught the attention of many is the possible cameo of one BTS member.

Shortly after the release of the MV, the official Twitter account of BTS posted a photo of J-Hope with two other members, leader Kim Namjoon and Kim Seokjin. J-Hope is wearing one of his outfits from the MV in the photo, a sign that the other members were with him during shooting.

The photo has been making fans wonder if a member of BTS made a cameo in "Daydream," especially with that final scene that shows J-Hope waking up a person. The music video ends just as the camera reaches the person's face.

If a member of BTS did make a cameo, it only goes to show how much support each individual member has for the others. "Hope World" is available on SoundCloud.