Lauren B of "The Bachelor" has found love with Arie Luyendyk Jr., but now Us Weekly is sharing that she has allegedly been engaged twice. The thing is Reality Steve says that isn't the case at all and that she actually has only been engaged one time. Of course, this doesn't count if she is the one that Arie picks in the end and if they end up being engaged. If so, then she could have been engaged one more time as well.

Robert Mills reveals details

ABC executive Robert Mills actually spoke out recently saying that Lauren Burnham has been engaged twice.

He said this during a recent episode of The Ringer’s Bachelor Party podcast. This really shocked a lot of fans of the show considering that on the show she only mentioned being engaged once. That makes it seem like she lied, but that might not be the case at all. You have to also remember that not everything that is talked about on the show makes it to the television.

Lauren B admitted on the show to being engaged once and she said that the guy was great and that until they got engaged. After that, he started to treat her differently and things just didn't end up working out for them. She was engaged to Chris Crane and they were supposed to tie the knot in July of 2017, but obviously, that never happened.

He even still has a picture of her on his Instagram that he never took down where they are posing together. Their registry also never got removed. The site had no clue who else she was allegedly engaged to.

Reality Steve speaks out

Reality Steve is actually speaking out and sharing what he says is true, which is that Lauren B has only been engaged one time.

He shared the article on Twitter and then he also went to Twitter and said "For those that didn't actually read the story, it's laughable. A giant headline stating Lauren has been engaged twice, yet Here's what the story says, "Of course, the question still remains about who the other person was that she was engaged to. Regardless..." Nice reporting." Steve was not happy at all that they don't seem to be giving out the right information.

You can assume that Lauren B isn't thrilled about it either.

Are you surprised to hear that Lauren B has been engaged before? Do you feel like this should affect her relationship with Arie? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" on Monday nights on ABC. Don't forget that this Sunday night they will air the "Women Tell All" special.