This morning Reality Steve finally made the announcement that he has been teasing for weeks. It turns out that he says that Arie Luyeyndyk Jr. has dumped the girl he picked and is now dating the runner-up from his season. This is the exact same thing that Jason Mesnick did, but it sounds like Arie's went down a little bit different. Several times this season Arie mentioned that he fell in love with two girls and it sounds like that is the case.

Reality of what went down

Steve shared that on the night of the premiere of "The Bachelor" Arie actually called Lauren on the phone.

He was still with his pick at this time. At this time, he was engaged to Becca K. Steve says that he was having some second thoughts about his decision.

Steve says that Arie broke up with Becca and that they actually went to Virginia where Lauren B. lives to film. This could be pretty interesting. Hopefully, it all shows up on the "After the Final Rose" special. They actually went to Lauren's parent's house to film. Steve also said that when Arie dumped Becca they were on one of their weekend dates and that "The Bachelor" cameras were filming it all.

He says that Lauren actually is dating Arie now and that he called off his engagement to Becca. This is going to make for an interesting rest of the season watching his chemistry between these two girls.

It sounds like Arie was engaged to Becca for about two months before calling it off and moving on. It will be about five weeks before the fans get to see this all go down on "The Bachelor" and everyone is going to enjoy seeing it. For now, they aren't engaged, but that could end up happening before the rest of the season airs.

When did this happen before?

If you remember, Jason Mesnick picked Melissa, but they were not doing well. On the "After the Final Rose," he told Molly that he made a mistake and wanted to be with her instead. It all went down on the show. She was shocked, but took him back and then they later got married. It worked out for this couple and it could end up working out for Arie as well.

Everyone is going to have to wait and see. This is a huge flip that hasn't happened in a long time, but that is also part of what makes this show great television.

Are you shocked to hear that Arie Luyendyk Jr. allegedly dumped his pick and moved on to the runner-up? Do you feel like this will last? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "The Bachelor" 2018 on Monday nights on ABC.