Jenelle Even is still not back to work on the MTV reality series "Teen Mom 2" and MTV is keeping her on ice for at least six more weeks while they continue to discuss her possible termination according to new reports from Radar Online.

Jenelle Evans still not filming Teen Mom 2

The nerves of Jenelle Evans have to be growing very thin while her future on reality television continues to remain unknown. A source close to Evans has reportedly told Radar that MTV has 'no plans to film Jenelle' for at least six weeks, if then. Evans unknown future is courtesy of her husband David Eason, who, as previously reported was fired in February from MTV after engaging in a nasty homophobic rant.

Teen Moms waiting in line to take Jenelle's spot

It all started with inappropriate gun photos and escalated from there around Valentine's Day. Jenelle has done her best with the network pleading David's case and begging for him to be rehired. When begging did not work Jenelle took the tough approach, she removed daughter Ensley from the reality series following the current season. No, go. She next took a legal approach and used an entertainment lawyer to reveal a list of demands from Jenelle.

MTV is remaining firm on this and Jenelle appears to be running out of options, if she loses her "Teen Mom 2" series paychecks then things could take a devastating toll on her financial status. In 2015 the young mom revealed that she made around $75,000 a year, that is pretty impressive and I am sure the yearly wage has most likely gone up since then.

This could be a great lesson for all cast members, nothing lasts forever and a well-placed backup plan can save the day in the long run.

Jenelle Evans should have paid more attention to how MTV handled former "Teen Mom OG" Farrah Abraham's situation, and had her ducks in a row before she and David decided to go up against the network.

Who knows, there may just be another book deal lying in wait for Jenelle based on all this drama that has recently occurred for her family.

Once again...teen mothers continue to line up at the door of MTV all hoping for the same big break that young teen moms Jenelle, Farrah, Amber, Maci and so on have had. Farrah Abraham was recently replaced by "Teen Mom 3" cast member Mackenzie McKee, and most fans appear to be completely thrilled with the changes and stand MTV has taken with the series.

In other words, Jenelle Evans can, and might quite possibly be replaced any day now. What are your thoughts on how MTV is handling Jenelle evan's employment situation, do you think she will be fired?