Farrah Abraham has responded to her mom's comments that she believes the former "Teen Mom OG" star is suffering from Mental illness, and she is not at all happy that mom is spreading lies about her.

Farrah Abraham claims her mom is 'evil'

As previously reported, Debra Danielsen spoke out publicly, stating that she believes that Farrah Abraham suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and that she has been struggling for years. It was more than obvious that Farrah was going to respond to her mother's public talk and that it would cause even more damage to their already extremely fragile mother/daughter relationship.

Mom oversteps boundaries

However, Debra has been talking non-stop to media outlets since Abraham's termination from "Teen Mom OG." Farrah has clapped back, calling her mom "evil" and "jealous." Farrah Abraham feels that her mom has stepped way over the line once again and revealed that her mother's words are hurtful. Farrah said she is sad as a result of her mom Debra's remarks, and that they are completely untrue.

“[I’m] sad to hear my own mother would say these untrue things about her own child,” Farrah told People magazine on March 20. “It’s evil and alarming. After all these years, I still have her best interests at heart.”

Ultimately, it seems that these two are more alike than they want to admit.

They both have called each other out on a number of occasions publicly, and they have both stated that they have the other's best interest at heart.

Farrah Abraham claims that she can prove that as far as her mental health goes, she is 100 percent healthy and has the opinions of two therapists to back her up. She also claims that not only do her therapists believe she is in a good place, they also agree with her that her mom is "jealous" of her daughter, her life, and accomplishments.

“I hope she ceases talking about me since she does not love me she does not need to speak about me to stay relevant in a disgustingly hateful way. God Bless,” she added.

It is believed that if Debra has her way she is going to continue stretching those 15 minutes of fame as far as she can, and she has even suggested that fans want her to remain on the reality series even without Farrah.

Do you believe that we will one day see this dysfunctional mother/daughter duo on reality television once again?

What do you think about Farrah Abraham's response to her mom Debra Danielsen's mental illness comments?