Jenelle Evans has had enough folks! The "Teen Mom" star made an announcement on her Twitter account on Wednesday, February 28, stating that no more "fake articles" would be posted on her accounts. Evans also gives a "reason" for her decision saying, "I no longer approve of their content any longer. So much negativity about everyone." She ended the tweet with a thumbs down emoji.

Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason have been getting slammed

Jenelle followers immediately began commenting and questioning her about her reasoning, and asking if it was because she had been fired?

Jenelle Evans and husband David Eason have been getting slammed for the past couple of weeks, pretty much non-stop since their Valentine's Day gun photos and Eason's homophobic Twitter rant which landed him now jobless as far as reality television, MTV and "Teen Mom" is considered.

Obviously, tensions are running high for Jenelle, whose job is also on the line with MTV and "Teen Mom." However, despite MTV's warnings and actions over David's recent behavior, the couple have not stopped adding fuel to the already blazing fire. There have been more gun photos shared, these with Jenelle's son Kaiser and David and Jenelle's daughter Ensley. Most fans agree if Jenelle was looking to put a stop to the gun photo bashings she would have put a stop to the photo sharing.

There have been many negative posts concerning David Eason. Olivia Leedham, David's ex allegedly filed court last week to keep her son Kaden away from his father because of his potentially dangerous and erratic behavior. Leedham also claims, according to In Touch that David's life has "deteriorated into chaos" and that there are "potential substance abuse problems" and marital strife" in the home he shares with Jenelle.

Jenelle's world seems to be crumbling

The world which Jenelle knows looks to be over and crumbling down around her feet, There is a good possibility that Evans, like her husband David, will be fired from "Teen Mom." At this time filming has halted until a decision has been made. MTV has adopted a zero-tolerance attitude and claims they will get rid of the problem makers, such as Farrah Abraham, who was just replaced by Mackenzie Mckee.

After all, there is really no shortage of 'Teen Moms" who are looking to head up one of the most popular reality shows to date. So as it appears to stand at this moment - things don't look good for Jenelle.

What are your thoughts, will Jenelle Evans get to keep her spot on "Teen Mom" or is it over for her?