'Teen Mom" Briana DeJesus has decided she is ready to search for love once again. This time she is going to steer clear of other cast mates' exes and hit up Tinder. Briana claims she is so over Javi Marroquin, and the drama he brought with him to their past relationship was enough to last her a lifetime.

Brianna DeJesus over Javi for good

Ready to venture back out into the dating world Brianna has shared with her "Teen Mom followers that she officially joined Tinder back on March 20 and is looking to meet her Mr. Right. What Brianna DeJesus is not looking for is someone like Javi.

She revealed that he was too needy all the time.

What will 'Teen Mom 2' moms do if the show gets cancelled?

Brianna DeJesus claims that she feels that Javi was just using her for someone to be with at the time, and also an attempt at grabbing more television time. He wanted to keep his name out there. Well, it appears as if Javi has also moved on from Brianna and is back with ex-girlfriend Lauren Comeau. In a recent interview with Radar Online, Marroquin revealed that he was looking to do things "different this time." He apparently wants a regular girl, someone who was not, and has not been on television.

So, does this mean that if offered, Javi Marroquin would refuse to appear on any form of reality television with Lauren?

This is a bit hard to believe because most reality television cast members get bitten by that "celebrity bug" and then they can't seem to shake it. Not to mention, it is easy work and offers good money if you can get it. As for Brianna DeJesus, many fans hope that she succeeds in finding the man of her dreams, though Tinder may not be the place for her, considering her "Teen Mom" celebrity status.

However, according to previous reports from BN, it could be that the "Teen Mom 2" series could be on the chopping block. Reports reveal that sponsors are pulling their advertising from the MTV series because of the Jenelle Evans drama, and this could cause major financial hardship for the series and all of the cast.

If this is going to happen and "Teen Mom 2" gets canceled there are going to be some very unhappy out of work moms who are going to need to figure out a backup plan to tend to their families' needs.

So far, nothing on this subject has been confirmed, but the rumors are growing.

What do you think about all of this recent drama surrounding Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin? Do you believe MTV will cancel "Teen Mom 2"?