"Teen Mom" Briana DeJesus claims she is tired of her ex Javi Marroquin constantly harassing her. Clearly, these two reality exes are far from ready to be friends. In fact, since the break up it has been a constant battle of he said/she said! The arguments between the two are getting nastier and nastier with each passing day. It is getting to the point that Brianna claims Javi is harassing her, and she has just about had it.

Javi Marroquin rushes to Briana's side

Javi is still miffed that Briana didn't give him a say in the decision over her plastic surgeries.

Despite the fact that he was not happy about Briana's choice, especially that she agreed to share the procedures online, he still flew to Florida to hold her hand and be a shoulder of support.

Nice guy? Well, hold up, because he flew the coop just after the surgeries and after Briana's baby daddy DeVoin Austin showed up. Javi attempted to man-up when speaking with Radar Online, stating that as soon as he saw DeVoin there it finally hit him that he had 100 percent made the right decision where Briana is concerned.

Briana DeJesus dangling Javi, DeVoin, and Dre?

Briana DeJesus seems as if she couldn't be happier that Javi bailed at the hospital. She also revealed that DeVoin has been there every step of the way through her recovery.

She also shared a nice Valentine's evening with another ex, Dre. Even though Bri claims she is just friends with all, and clearly states she is single it is nice to have options, right?

It is not certain where the harassment comes in unless it is from the arguments that took place between the two at the hospital. It sounds as though these two have some unfinished business to tend to before either of them is going to be ready to move on.

As previously reported, DeJesus has even threatened to "expose" Javi if he doesn't knock off the 24/7 drama.

DeJesus claims that Javi is so bitter that things did not work out that he is losing it. She says she is over it and wants him to go away and worry about someone else, perhaps Kail. Either way, this doesn't look to be ending anytime soon.

Whatever harassment or unfinished business they have, one thing is certain: it will all go down just as the cameras are rolling. There is so much "Teen Mom" drama building that it is hard to keep track of it all. Amber and her baby daddy issues, Tyler and Cait's troubles, and now Briana.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Javi Maroquin could be harassing Briana DeJesus, or is she just building up drama for the cameras?